Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Music

Since I just discovered this myself today, I thought I would mention it.  I decided today would be a good one for starting to clean up and put some crafting supplies away because I FINALLY FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SWAP SHADOW BOXES!!!!  YAY!!!  Now I just have to get them wrapped and sent off to Elizabeth.  No, no peekies.  LOL

Anyhoo, I decided to put on some music to listen to while I was busy.  I turned the TV on to several of the music channels from my cable company (in RI it's Cox Cable).  Last year I enjoyed listening to Christmas music on the "Holiday" channel.  Yeah, I know...but I thought I'd listen to that.  What a nice surprise I got when I realized it was HALLOWEEN music!!  Wow!  I heard songs that I've never heard before on this channel.  

Me a couple years ago dressed as some kind of Meadow Nymph winning the SEXIEST costume!!  Yeh, me an old dame winning SEXIEST over lots of younger gals.  LOL

It was so cool listening to it while I put things away, cleaned and dusted and polished!!!  Some of the music was country-ish like "Honky Tonk Halloween", and lots of it sounded like from the Fifties.  There was theme music and music from scary movies that I recognized.  Music from TV shows and cartoon shows like "Casper".  Some of it sounds like "kiddy-ish" stuff, but cute.  Some maybe a little heavy metal, but it was so fun to listen to witches cackling, wolves howling, spooky sounds, scary-sounding stuff, even some pretty curdling screams!  

Here is a pic from last year of the rock 'n roll band I follow-FULL CIRCLE.

Don't let me scare you away ... there was also lots of beautiful orchestral music that was background music for movies.  I just thought if anyone is interested, you might check out your cable TV music channels for some very appropriate Halloween sounds.  I can't imagine how they ever found so many songs to play!!

Here is the wreath I made last year for my door.  I will probably use it several seasons until I decide to make something else!

This is me last year dressed as a Pinked Up Witch and that teensy broom I called my "Sky Scooter"!  The witch hat is a little fascinator that I added a lot of glamour to and brought some pink into it.  The tulle sash is a huge bow in the back a la Marilyn.

I have some other pix of me wearing costumes, but I need to find them and scan them.  I love dressing up in costumes.  (Started dancing when I was 4 years old, and our dancing costumes for recitals were gorgeous with ostrich and marabou feathers,jewels, rhinestones, tulle, and glitter  so that's why I grew up loving glitter and glitz!) I still do, that's why I like to play in crafts!!

Tonight I get to watch two of my favorite shows on now - on SYFY - Face Off and Hot Set. I just love to see how things are made and done behind the scenes for TV and Movies.  

Who out there likes to dress up in costume for Halloween??  Please share!!!




  1. The last time I wore a costume was in the 90's. I wore one of my sons' clown costumes to work, then at lunch I left to go to the hospital to visit my father-in-law! It was a hoot all day long! I even saw the dr. who delivered both my boys (he didn't recognize me)! I'd made the costumes for the boys when they were about 3 & 5 yrs old and the costumes came out huge! I am not a small person and I fit perfectly into one of those costumes! I really had a good time that day!

  2. Hey Leslie Anne! It IS fun dressing up, isn't it! I like to put on different color wigs, and then with an outlandish costume, nobody knows who I am! Until a few more looks. LOL Sounds like you pulled off your costume pretty well, too!!!

  3. Hey Sandie,
    Love the costume! Sky Scooter is hilarious! Last time that I dressed up for Halloween was two years ago. I was the horrible lunch lady, Mrs. Bunns. She had warts, rolled down knee highs, dirty apron, etc. The dog hid under the kitchen table and Son was embarrased to the "nth degree"! I threatened to pick him up from school in my costume. I had a blast! I will have to find a picture of the horrible lunch lady and post it. Thank you so much for sharing and I am so glad that you found my other blog "Prims n Pins". Have a wonderful Sunday! Holly

  4. Hi Holly! Your costume does sound "horrible"!!! LOL Yes, we need to see a pic of that one! I think you are a brave gal for running two blogs! My goodness! But I enjoy both!!!


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