Thursday, March 21, 2013

I switched to Bloglovin!!

Well, Bloglovin has made everything quite easy to switch readers!!!!  Once I imported my bloglist, I just followed the prompts to "Claim" my blog.  That was also easy!!!!  I still show my follow by Google on my blog.  I will leave it until it actually goes away.  But the button to follow me via Bloglovin is on the left side of my blog now.  I had read lots of good things about Bloglovin, that's why I chose it as my new blog reader.  I am glad I waited a few days because that allowed Bloglovin to come up with an easy way to make the switch.  Thank goodness!!  I was a bit scared of trying to follow other difficult (to me!) routes to gaining what I set out to do.  

So, if you are ready to change over to Bloglovin, just follow the link here.    Follow the instructions for a quick and easy changeover!!!

Love to all,


  1. Hi Sandie, I just stopped by on my break to say hi. My kiddos are at P.E. Just want you to know that I have had soooo many compliments on the little felt pin you made me. I love it! Ooops - I hear them outside! Giggles abound!

  2. I am so socared to even try it. But i am thinking about it. I am just scared that it will all dissappear.
    Your package was mailed today. Loved your bunnies. All that bead work is just adorable.

  3. From what I understand they are only pulling it from blogs that are not hosted by Blogger. SO if you have a Blogger account it won't go away. I added Bloglovin' as an option for my non-google readers. I have to say I did really like how the Bloglovin' reader looks and "reads" I like the bigger pictures and just the way it appears. I guess we will see what really happens with all the hulla-ba-loo on the day they say it ends. I was also impressed with how easy their importing process was, that says volumes for them!

  4. Hi Sandie,
    Just signed up to follow you through Bloglovin.



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