Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Winds

It seems as though the March winds have blown another nasty bug my way.  Just when I thought I was feeling better!  Seeing the doc yesterday just as the nasty bug hit was a good thing.  Now on meds to chase it out of my system.  It's made me so tired and have no energy at all.  I did manage to get my swappies made just before all of this happened.  Now the trick is to feel well enough to wrap and package them up and go out to post them.  Please forgive my lateness, but they are a-coming!!

* I've heard that Elizabeth is going to have surgery.  That makes me feel sad that she has to go through it.  I am with you all in wishing her my best and hearty hugs and prayers that her surgery is over fast and she is on to a super quick recovery.  

* Sandy's beloved dog, Maya, will also be going through surgery.  Sending wishes and prayers for poor Miss doggie ~ and warm hugs to her "mom" to hang in there.

* To those of you who have been sick with the flu and other nasties, I hope you are feeling so much better and are back to normal now.  I know there have been some bad snowstorms across blogland, and I sure hope that warm spring sunshine melts it away soon.  Rhode Island was fortunate during the last Nor'easter.  Parts of Massachusetts, some areas not all that far from me, got hit with 20+ inches while we got away with 1 1/2 to 2 inches.  Then it rained, and took most all of that away.  Today it became a monsoon out there, with wind whipping the rain around crazily.  Thank goodness it wasn't snow.  We've had so much gloom here lately, I am ready-teddy to see the sunshine!!!

A few pix of what I got made so far:

Jumping bunnies

Easter Swappies

Easter Bunny boy

The back showing his jacket and tail

Bunny boy with eggs

Miss Easter Peep

Side view-isn't she cute?

Little Miss Peep in her Easter Bonnet

Another Bunny Boy

His flowered egg and his sculpted head

His lavender jacket with stitching

He's a cutie Bunny Boy, too!

Two different sized sculpted bunny wips

Made with 65mm poms, just a wip for now

The smaller size bunny in pink, wip

A very wee bunny wip

Wool felt and pink in his ears is hand-felted wool

Side view~looks a bit like Beatrix' Peter Rabbit

I can't show the Easter spoolie swappie that I made because I don't want to spoil the surprise for my partner!  I will show it down the bunny trail when I'm sure she has already received it!!  I was supposed to be finishing a black chunky cowl for my daughter, but I got playing with these poms and sculpting them, and had fun doing it, so I haven't gotten to her cowl yet.  As soon as I feel better, I think I will be able to finish my bunnies, chicks, maybe a duckie, and the cowl.

Have a good week, bloggies!!!


  1. love all your easter friends! I made two similar bunnies as in your first picture and put them on sticks on spoolies.. will show them later. they turned out really cute. but I have to admit that I like yours better with the embroidary on them.
    cant wait to see your spoolies!
    and hope youre feeling better soon

  2. You are quite the talented crafter!! Love your pom pom animals! Hoping you feel better, take care of yourself!

    Warmly chris

  3. They are all so adorable :) I love those pom pom characters.
    Your little felt bunnys are also very cute with all the details.

  4. All your little animals are so cute! I love the jumping bunnies best! Hang in there- spring a comin'!

    I'm finally over all my winter sickness but then I went and hurt my back worse than I had in over a year!! I tell ya, "It's always Somethin'!" but I still manage to have fun. There's no stoppin' me! ♥

  5. All are too cute! Lucky gals who receive any of those....Hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Hey Sandie, So sorry that you are feeling bad. I love the bunnies! They are so cute and the embroidery just makes them shine! Your poms are adorable!! I love the Easter bonnet on the chick. I am going to have to copy you and put one on my pom pom chick :) I love Easter bonnets!!
    Have a wonderful day and hope you feel better soon,
    ps It took me forever to figure out what was making a bell sound in my craftroom-lol love your chinese chimes :)

  7. Sandie,
    What cuties you have been making! You are very creative! Makes me want to make some felt cuties too :-) And I hope you are feeling better too!

  8. Your bunnies are adorable and so are your other creations. Glad to know that yours will be on their way. I just posted about the swap. I was worried as so many haven't gotten here. So sorry you were so sick. I feel bad for E. I am going to send one of my bunnies to E. She dropped out of the swap. If you want to send an extra one for her, I will hold the package. Feel better.

    1. I made 5 Debby, so instead of returning one to me, please send it on to Elizabeth. Thanks!!

  9. Hi Sandie!

    Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and to say that your little bunnies and chicks are so, so cute!! Sending great big hugs your way:)
    ~Shelly xo

  10. Gosh Sandie are those bunnies every cute! Their little jackets are so adorable! And that tiny one! I just don't know how you do it! Don't you just love Easter! I'm so glad you are feeling better. I go tomorrow to have my MRI read; so keep your fingers crossed. Take care, Elizabeth

  11. Hi Sandie. Are you doing any better. I hate to say anything. But I don't have your bunnies. I thought I did as someone else made bunnies like them. Have they been mailed. Since you are not feeling well I wondered if maybe they weren't sent. Sure hope they weren't lost. As soon as you can please send me an email.....remember to type in my address't just cick on reply as the address changes.

  12. Hi Sandie. Your package came today. I was worried about you. I knew you were sick and was afraid you might be getting worse. Glad that you went to the doctor. Are you going to be okay? I will send your package tomorrow. The bunnies are so adorable.


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