Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Son on TV

My son, Jodie, lives out in LA.  He's had some interesting jobs while he's been out there.  He worked as photographer's assistant for a magazine, where he even had a byline in the magazine.  He worked for a video company where he got to check out all the new games before they went to market.  And something he's done when it fits into his schedule - is play an extra onscreen.  So, over time he's been in a lot of different TV programs and even in several movies!  (Ooh, I'm waiting for the day he's in a Johnny Depp movie!  See how fast I get to California!!!!!  *hee hee*)

Anyway, sometimes I was lucky enough to get a clip showing where he came on scene during the program.  I hardly ever get actual photos of him from screen shots or in costume.  Recently he was an extra on the current TV program "Scandal".  He sent me several pix of himself  taken in his "outfit" for the scene he would be in:  a tuxedo!!  

My handsome son, Jodie

Jodie dressed for "Gala" scene on Scandal

Isn't he handsome??  I'm his mom, but I think so!!!  And he's such a nice guy, doesn't drink nor smoke.  I am very proud of him and love him to pieces!!  (As I also do my daughter, Greta, but I will do a little post of her down the road.)  

Then, he was sweet enough to send me several screen shots of himself on set with the actors during the actual filming:

Here he is in the middle of the shot

Here he is with Kerry

And again with Kerry

It was so cool because he was standing right next to Kerry during this scene, so every time the camera panned to her, he was also in the shot.  The camera has always loved him, ever since he was a baby.  He would always pose for pictures and I always had lots of cute shots of him!  A photographer friend of his has taken lots of beautiful shots of him all over LA.  Some in retro clothes and he looks like he stepped out of "Madmen".  

He wants to get into actual acting and has plans for acting classes in the near future.  I keep encouraging him because I've always felt that he was going to be in the creative world of movies at some point.  I will be certain to share any new photos I get from him.  I would also love to show you some pix of his several LA  photo shoots with Ian (photographer).  But that will be for another time.

It's been crazy here weather-wise.   We've had it snowing, then raining.  Today, it's spitting snow, but will probably turn to rain again.  I think it was raining just a bit much earlier.  It's been so gloomy lately.  I will be more than happy for spring to arrive ... and stay!!!

Bloggies, stay well and warm ...til next time ...   


  1. Your handsome son is on Scandal.....awesome. I watch it as much as I's on too late.
    I am in Colorado in the middle of a blizzard and that's awesome too, hah.

  2. Hey Sandie, your son sure is handsome! What fun trying to spot him in movies/tv shows. I have never watched Scandal, I guess it is on too late for me too. Can't wait to meet your daughter. Have a great night, Holly

  3. Very very cool, and yes he is very very good looking! I am sure he will get something good, it is a very competitive business you have to have a very tough outer shell. Cheers to His Acting Career. Hugs, Diane

  4. What a handsome young man! How fun to have an actor in the family! You must be so proud!


  5. Sandy! This is so very exciting! How proud a mom are you! Wonderful! E

  6. Lovely pics Sandie you must be pleased as punch of this handsome son, phew hes yummy.
    Hugs Linda

  7. Sandie, I should be ready to send your Easter goodies, this Wednesday, but I need your address....send me an email
    Warmly chirs

  8. Oh, Sandie, he is just so handsome! Aren't son's wonderful! You must be so proud of him!


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