Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Felts

Hello Bloggies!!!!

I love working with felt!  That has to be one of my favorite materials to work with.  I especially enjoy the beautiful wool felt that can be found out in the 'net world.  I also enjoy  what I call, little handworks.  That means, small projects that are made with felt and handsewn.  Sometimes I can add other elements such as embroidery or beading to the felt project. I've also always loved wee things and miniatures.  I think that's why I like working on small items.  I have a few projects I've worked on ~ or ~ I'm working on now.  Here are some pix of ones that I did finish.

This sweet little girl is made of wool felt with wool yarn hair
that has been felted on.

A close up of her face

Back view of her felted hair

Here she is sitting down

She is a Gingermelon pattern.  I just love Shelly's patterns and her artwork.  I have several other of her doll patterns that I will be making in the future.  I would also like to try the above doll made up as a boy.  Why the blue hair, you may ask.  Well ... it is best to needle-felt wool on wool.  My choices of colors in wool yarns right now is, well, uh, limited.  But, actually, I like blue hair!  Many Blythe dolls have every color in the Crayola box for hair and I like that!!!  I liked this pattern because she does have some movement in her arms and legs.  The string-jointing method is used.  In this case, it's not really string-it's thread!  But her arms can move and she can sit.  

I also made these little guys from my own pattern.  Right now I don't know what I will DO with them, but I like making them.  They are quick and easy and add the beading effect and/or chenille stems for arms and legs.

Two wee dollies also made using wool felt

She has beaded arms and legs, which dangle
when you hold her up

She has chenille stem arms with beaded legs

I have several other wee projects that I've cut out and put in little baggies, awaiting their turns to be sewn together and finished!!  I'm also working on bunnies for Debby's Easter swap.  One other project I'm working on, too, is the "spoolie" for Sandy's Easter swap.  Sometimes I like to try something, and it may become a one-of-a-kind and I'll never make another one.  Or I have a kooky idea and may work on it, but not care for the results, so it gets scrapped.  I tend to be super critical of my OWN work.  But believe me, I am NOT like that with the work of others.  I always appreciate the talent and creativity that goes into the artwork or handcrafts of another.  I guess that is why I am always crawling around on the internet, looking for creations of others or for new things to try myself.  It tickles me to see what other people are capable of or what they dream up and do.  Ahhhh, this, to me, is one of the BEST things about the internet!  That's why I can very easily spend hours and hours lost in the "online-zone".  So - much of my time is spent ogling  or crafting, then reading before sleep, then dreaming technicolor dreams!!!

Here are a last couple of pix of my *dream house*.  LOL  This is one of the obsessions I currently have and at the top of my "WANT LIST" (which, by now, is probably 5 miles long!!).  

It's a Tomy dollhouse from the 70's (I think).  Apologies to
whoever took the pic, I got it online.

This is the interior.  I am ca-razy about the furniture.  

I actually tried for one on ebay.  But the bids just went too high for my pocketbook.  They don't really come up very often either.  Believe me, I have a search in place that will let me know.  Not only do I covet the above beauty, but I also want a tin dollhouse which is like the one I played with as a child.  I doubt very much if I can find one just like I had, because it had a staircase in it, and the ones I've seen with a stairway are either extremely rusted or just not like mine.  I do, however, have my eye stuck to one I've seen.  I just am not able to pounce on it at this time.  But I'm wishin' and hopin' that it's meant for me and will be available when I am!  

Will be working on my wee projects tonight as I watch TV.  "Southland" is on tonight, and I'm watching the very first seasons of "Homicide: Life on the Streets" on DVD.  And this goes back to the early 90's.  It's dated, but a good show.  I love mysteries and detective work along with forensics.  Of course, my favorite detective shows are all British!  I continue to request them from my library and check out the new ones available or watch ones I've already seen but will watch again and again!!

So, what have YOU been up to?????


  1. What sweet "little" creations! Love the pixies! I have not work much with felt...just ordered some online, it should be here by the end of the week....we'll see what happens with it!

    Warmly chris

    1. Thanks Chris! Felt is awesome to work with!!

    2. Hi - Love the post! I have this exact dollhouse with all the furniture!! My mom saved it after all these years.

  2. Hey Sandie,
    love the Gingermelon. She is adorable. I also looovvee your two little dolls. They are so creative and are such cutie pies. Are they just the right size for a Blythe to hold? I love the dollhouse that you pictured. It reminds me of the Brady Bunch house :)
    Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
    Have a wonderful night, Holly
    ps I too love those custom Blythes.

    1. Thanks Holly! Actually, I was thinking they would be good for Blythe dollies. Which do you like better? The beaded arms or the chenille?

    2. I love the look of the beaded arms but I also love the bendiness of the chenille. Lol, i am sure that I didn't help you one bit. Have a great night, Holly ps I too have a Blythe. Her name is.....Blythe, not very original, huh?

  3. How cute your felt dolls are! I purchased Noialand felt doll patterns, and have yet to make any :-). I also tried for a vintage tin dollhouse on ebay but was out bid... one day. Btw, I love your crocheted dress you made for Verity Rose!

    1. OOH! I just got 2 Noialand patterns myself!!! Which did you get? I love the fact that they are in English! Whew. I got a couple of Japanese patterns, which I will try, but good luck to me!! LOL

  4. Hi Sandie,
    Your little dolls are so cute!!!! I really love your patterns on the little wee ones :)

  5. Love Love your craetions Sandie they are so darn cute, beautful pattern that you made for the wee ones and the house is just beautiful. Wow you have been a busy bee did I say I loved them!!!

    Hugs Linda

  6. Hi Sandie! No one does "littles" like you do! You have such a way with adding so much detail on something so small. Personality plus!
    What a dream house! LOL! I remember furniture just like that. One day, I hope you can move in!
    Thank you for the show to check out on DVD. If I can watch Law and Order a million times per episode, I think this may be one for me!
    Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth

  7. That is the cutest little doll house. I can see why you love it! And the tiny felt and bead dolls are so sweet!


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