Friday, February 8, 2013


So sorry about not posting lately, but I have been down with awful allergies and sinus stuff.  It's made me sooo tired and lazy and not wanting to do very much.  I have things I want to tell you and show you, but have been so muddle-headed, I couldn't begin.  Please excuse me.

We are in a Blizzard warning today here in New England.  I survived the Blizzard of '78 and I hope to survive this one, too!!  It's already snowing heavier and the wind is already starting to blow the snow around a bit.  I am hoping we don't lose electricity!  If THAT happens, I will have to hibernate until it comes back on. I made chicken soup and chocolate chip cookies last night, but without my microwave, will be hard to heat the soup up!  The cookies I can eat no problem!  LOL  

A note of thanks to Debby, of Cozy Blanket, I received my Valentine hearts for the swap!  I promise pix soon because I DID take them and have since scattered my hearts all over my apartment so I can enjoy them wherever I look.  I also just received my beautiful Valentine basket, ornie, and sweet Valentine from Elizabeth, of Creative Breathing.  She also sent me some real vintage Valentines!  I would love to make a Valentine book to put them in for keepsakes.  I need help for that from Twyla and Lindsey, of  Two Crazy Crafters, because I have seen the darling ones they make!!!

One last thing, the other day I heard a ruckus from birds outside my window.  When I looked out I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a large flock of ROBINS!! I counted at least 18 of them.  I've NEVER seen that many robins together at one time.  They were flipping the leaves over looking for grubs and bugs.  And flying up to the tree branches and then back to the ground.  I took some pictures quickly, so I will post those, too. (Poor birdies, I wonder where they will hide during this blizzard!!!)

Everyone please stay warm and safe and well!!  If I lose power, I promise to be back and have lots of pictures to share with you all!

You are all my sweet Valentines!!!!  Thank you!!!!


  1. Hi Sandie, I have had you on my mind all day as I have been watching the progress of the storm. Be safe, stay cozy! E

  2. Hope you're safe and warm & didn't lose power! You must be snowed in under a couple feet of family in CT is! Hope that you're feeling better too! :) Pam

  3. Never seen a Nor-Easter but we have gotten some doozy snowstorms in Minnesota. Take yourself to your crafty place and have some fun to show at the end of the storm! I just finally tucked my little pin away in my holiday jewelry(from your candy box swap) with E...waiting for another year to come out.


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