Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

Hello .....!!

Brrrrrr, it's quite cold out there today - that wind is brutal.  We had to go out to move our cars for the snow plow and being outside for 10-15 minutes was plenty enough for me!

Here are some recent thrift store finds.  There is a Salvation Army in West Warwick that I really like.  It has a lot of "good stuff" and lots of "pickies".  I love to pick through boxes, baskets, tubs, piles, whatever, to see if I can find something I want!  These goodies (to me) are not ALL from the same place.  I did hit a few other spots.  I used to go to the flea markets with my mum all the time years ago, and I miss that a lot.  It was standard Sunday fare - go to a couple of flea markets to see what we could find.  Then go find something good to eat or maybe ice cream in the summer!  I am hoping when spring comes around, I can go again.  I'd also love to go to some yard sales.  I'm hoping to find someone with enough interest to go along with me!  It's more fun to have someone to show treasures to ~ and see what treasures they have found.

A Georges Briard ice bucket.  Shiny gold with Lucite top and
handle, gold knob.  Nice condition, no smell inside!

I didn't know if I wanted to keep this one or not.  I have a cute retro one now (Kraftware-excellent  condition),  but I have this nice never used Georges Briard Bar tool set (gold-plated so looks good with brass).  Not that I have these swinging parties and need to set out and use an ice bucket or tools!!  So, keep one, sell one, keep two, sell none.  Arghhh, I have a terrible time trying to decide anything!

Used set of pastels.  I figured these would come in handy.
I have something I wanted to try them with, but just
haven't as of yet.

A crisp bag of red wooden acorns with real caps.  Who
could resist these????

Pickies to add to my craft books and craft stash.  Those two
yellow lumps are kinda flattened chicks that just need a
little "fluffing"!!

Retro jewelry box.  Nice condition outside and inside.  I thought
it would be good to resell.  It has a hidden secret!  There is an
old photo stuck inside behind the drawer.  You can just see the
edge of one of those old-fashioned kind.  It looks like the owner may
have tried to get it out, but no luck.  I am dying to know what
the picture might be of.  I think it was in the drawer, got
pushed way back-over the edge and caught behind the
drawer.  The drawer opens automatically when you open the
jewelry box top.  The drawer action has probably caused
the photo to curl, so it stays put.  Could it have been  a Lady's
secret beau?  A child's darling picture?  Dear Mother and Father?

Inside is nice.

A pretty set of pots in different sizes that match!  I will
probably start with re-potting two African violets I have.

A naked Bratz Boy.  Hey, he has his feet!!

This little elf stole my heart with his cutie-pie
face.  I have since trimmed his hair so you can
see his pointy ears and his cute face.  He also
has a new green felt hat with a tiny bell.  Those
are tiny "fake" scissors in his apron pocket.
If I find some other wee tools, I'll add them.  He
is already on my shelf!!!

Two retro poodles.  The one on the right is so cute with her
yellow hat and scarf.  And "spaghetti".  The one on the
left is Goebel from Germany.

Closer view-happy little one on the right!!

See, this one has the "Flying V" mark.   I know it's an
older mark.

Mary Engelbreit book

Her adorable artwork

Reminisce Magazines-29 cents each.  These are newer
issues, too.  I love these magazines especially when
there are lots of 50s-60s photos in them.

A little Golden Book.  No, not old, but just so darned cute!

Such cute faces!

OMG-look at this laughing bunny!  Isn't that face just

You can see I am all over the place when it comes to picking up goodies.  But then, not really.  I love retro stuff, craft stuff, books, kitsch, dolls to dress ...  Who knows what else I may drag home.  As long as it appeals to me and is cheap enough and not too big ...I like so many things.  Hey, please don't blame me!  I'm my mother's daughter -- what can I say????!!!!!

Stay warm.


  1. Sandie-
    I just had so much fun looking at each little thing that you brought home! Love the pastels and can't wait to see what the photo in the jewelry box looks like! Hope you show us!
    Erica :)

  2. Hi Sandie! I can't believe you are only now getting plowed. My heart nearly stopped to see the box of pastels. My mother was an artist and used these. You found lots of treasures. It won,t be long before you will be able to yard sale! E

  3. You have some really great goodies. I like that little elf as well. What a cutie. So glad that all the vintage items are getting a second chance. It's o much fun just finding them. Are you getting new snow now. Soon it will be spring.

  4. My Grama used to let us use that very same brand of pastels! I'm sure you'll have fun with the magazines too, when you have read them all you can cut the graphics for paper crafting!

  5. Hey Sandie,
    Oh how I wish we lived closer and I could go with you! What fun! I love all of the goodies that you scored. I know that you can't wait for yard sale season. Have a wonderful night, Holly

    1. Thanks Holly! That would be so much fun!!

  6. Ohhhh, you are one lucky gal! For SURE! I'm lovin' the jewelry box and the bunny book! Have a great week!

  7. It looks like you had quite a bit of luck thrifting this weekend! Loving your finds! I'm sorry I live on the West Coast....I'd go to market any day of the week!


    1. Well, Chris, if I ever get out on the West Coast again, we'll have to meet up!!

  8. Sandie,
    We have already had a snafu in the swap....please email me, as I need your email are swapping with Chris McKinley of Perfectly Printed! Sorry for the mistake, one person signed up twice under two blog

  9. Oh I love that retro jewlery box it reminds me of one of my mothers old ones that she replaced with a more modern one :(


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