Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mr. Modtomic is virtually in Rhode Island!!!

I really wanted to do this post yesterday, but alas! I got an invite to go traipsing around to thrifty stores!  Oh it was so much fun - and it pretty much took all day.  Then when I got home I had to go through stuff and check over what I found.  I was just too tired to do much after that. 

Anyway, Mr. Modtomic came peeking around on the Craigslist in this area and he posts about what he found in and around this area here.  For any of you in the RI/SE Mass area-he's found some pretty good bargains.  For those of you in the St. Louis, MO area,  check out his beautiful wares that he puts up for sale in his booth at the Green Shag Market.  He has a very good eye for picking marvelous mid century and vintage goodies.  From furniture to wall decor and EVERYTHING in between.  He was very sweet to do this because I asked in a comment if he might check out my area on CL sometime.  So, I thank him for coming over to the East Coast to see what's what!

~I was going to use his beautiful vintage Rhode Island postcard pic, but didn't ask beforehand, so you'll just have to see it over on his blog!!

I am on the hunt for a dollhouse!!!  When I get something in my head - I become obsessive about it.  So, it's all I can think about!  I'd love a nice tin one (like I had when I was little), but I've also seen a Tomy house that I really like.  I'm sure the bids on it will go waaaaay too high for my pocketbook.  Seems like these days when I open my wallet, moths fly out!!!!  ACKKKK!!!

I will share goodies I DID get in another post.  Must take pix first, which I may do today.  That's iffy because we are supposed to get snow so it's not very bright outside meaning it's dark inside!  I forgot to take my camera with me-I even forgot to take my phone!!!  Geez.


  1. Thanks Sandie, I went over to mr. Modtomic, great blog! Now I'm following him too. Good luck with your Craig's list buy!

  2. Can't wait to see the goodies you've found. Sandy and I went Goodwill hunting the other day and we found a bunch of stuff. I'll be getting together with 6 of the ladies I met at ARTzona once a month to hit shops we all know about, so we can share the shopping love.


  3. Isn't thrift shopping fun?!
    I can't remember if I said Thank You or not but I am one of the lucky recipents of your beautifully hand beaded hearts from Debby's swap. I Love it!!!!
    Chris =]


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