Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I survived!! Here's a Little Catch up ~

Beaded hearts I made for the Heart Swap

Yes, I now can say I survived the Blizzard of 2013 - that goes by the name of "Nemo" of all things!!  A tropical fish name doesn't really go with a howling, freezing, snow storm.....but that's just me.

They are the same, but Different!

I was unfortunate to be among those with lost power.  Happened pretty early Friday night, too.  Those winds had started howling kind of early, so just after 8 pm, into the black and cold!!

Pale pink flowers with blue beads on medium pink

It didn't take long to get really cold inside, and since there was nothing really to do, I threw another blanket over my bed, invited my warm-bodied kitties, and got in bed with my book and a flashlight.

Fuchsia with pale pink on white

Not long, I was asleep.  I did hear the howling winds during the night, but didn't get up to peek outside until the next morning.  One look - lots of snow - no power - back to bed!!!

Medium pink flowers on Fuchsia with pink and teal beads

It was still snowing and it's stinky when you can't have that morning cup of coffee!! Nope, no hot coffee, no toast or hot oatmeal ...I stayed hidden under my covers with my girls on board.  Too cold to get up and DO anything!  When my hands get cold, they don't work very well.  It really blew my whole weekend for doing any crafting.  

White flowers with red beads, medium pink with white beads

After almost 24 hours, the power finally returned.  But alas! cable TV and my internet DID NOT!  Sunday I ventured out to try to clean snow off my car.  There was a lot.  I believe we got about 24" of the white stuff here!  Got my TV and 'net back early Monday evening.  Thank goodness I wouldn't miss DALLAS!!!

Fuchsia with white flowers, purple beads and trimmed with white pearls

I had made a nice big chicken soup so I've been having soup every day.  We got our cars dug out yesterday so we could move them into another spot so the entire parking lot could be plowed by a backhoe.  There was so much snow and it was heavy, that I think mostly backhoes and big bucket loaders were used in the clearing away.  Oh yeah, then it rained on top of it all!!  I managed to fall down while I was trying (trying is the key word here) to wield a shovel.  Fell down and couldn't get up because one leg was twisted a little in a funny position. Oh yeah.  Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!  I did manage to get up and that was it for the shovel.  LOL  Thank heavens for a snow-blower and some MANpower!! And at least with electricity back  on I could use my heating pad on my poor sore back!

I looooove to make arrangements!

The Valentine Heart Box swap

Inside cover

Bottom inside

Bottom of box
Now I'm trying to get my crafting urge up to speed again.  I wanted to make a few more Valentines to send out, but I just can't seem to get started.  I feel more into the Easter mode now!  But I really MUST rustle up a few more Valentines as time for the 14th is getting short!!

Valentine doll brooch

One of the Valentine cards

This is one side~

This is the other, actually the main side~

This was fun to make!

The double-sided hanging tag

The other side

This was another card with some separate tags I made
Along with a wee dolly pendant/ornament

So, there you have some of the things I made for my wonderful bloggy Valentine ladies!!  Next time around I will show you the lovely hearts I received for the 5-Heart swap.  Plus a few goodies from a thrifting hunt that I went on before the storm.  I hope everyone is well out there in bloggy land!!!

Til next time ~


  1. You had a rather exciting encounter with the blizzard, and I am happy your fall was not too serious. Your hearts are charming.

  2. Sandie- Everytime you show pics of the things you make, I think you should be selling them! I can't believe how pretty and sweet your little beaded hearts are! about a special handmade piece!
    You really have a talent for all sorts of crafting.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Erica :)
    Oh, hope you are ok from your fall. Aren't heating pads the best? lol

  3. I was one of the lucky ones to recieve one of your sweet hearts! :) I love your work...that's alot of detail and that little tiny dolly is way too cute!!!!

  4. I'm glad you made it through the snow storm!! I was another of the lucky recipents of your beautifully beaded hearts! I love it! It will be hung in my craft room all year long. The val brooch is adorable. I agree with Erica, you should sell your crafts.
    Chris =]

  5. Oh no!!! There is almost nothing worse than being without electric in the cold. Glad you were safe anyway, but it really is painful to be cold. Love, love, love your hearts!

  6. I enjoyed hearing about your storm adventures...even if you didn't enjoy having! It puts things into perspective to hear about events from a "survivor's" point of view. I wondered what people were doing without power. We only have about a foot of snow on the ground...I think a little "cabin fever," would be fun for a day or two. We are prepared for most, fuel, water...etc. I am being silly...I wouldn't wish hardship on anyone.

  7. No coffee! Oh no! When lived on the farm- we lost power all the time so I always kept some leftover coffee on hand!

    Your little beaded hearts are so cute!

    You got some good pics of the heart box you made me! I could hardly get any to turn out right! They wanted to be blurry or look orange...


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