Thursday, February 14, 2013


Two snoozing Valentine girls!  Johnny on the left, and
Frankie on the right.  They sleep all day on my bed!

For me, it seems like Valentine's day was over a few weeks back!  I guess that's because I was so busy with all of my Valentine crafting for sending and then receiving!  So, for today, I would like to show the the beautiful hearts  and goodies I received in a recent swap.  This was for the Heart Swap by Debby of Cozy Blanket.

This cutie is by Holly of Cotton Pickin Fun!  It's a stuffed red heart with a
felt pocket on the front holding a wee bunny with a heart and a
vintage valentine.  There is also a darling Pom birdie holding a
little valentine letter in his beak.

Isn't he precious?!!

Here is the little valentine  and the wee bunny!

Verity saw that wee bunny, ran over, and grabbed him up!
Guess who owns that sweet wee bunny now??!!

Holly's heart has ended up hanging on one of my hutch doors!  Minus the wee bunny, of course! 

This pretty garland is from Carol of  Art and Sand.  The paper hearts are grommeted
and strung together with red baker's twine.  It spells out "Love".  You can see
that it is hanging on my "mirror-window" over my kitchen sink. 

Carol also made the hand-stamped card and the mini
bag which has a heart in hand on it.  The 3
sparkly hearts were tucked inside.

Those sparkly hearts will be saved for future ornies, and the mini bag hangs on my bulletin board.  I love the sign of the heart in hand.  That's so true of crafting and making things.  What comes from the heart is made with the hands. So it's an inspiration!!

This sweet pretty is made by Debby of Cozy Blanket.  It's a
baby-soft heart embellished with pink embroidery, buttons,
and ribbon.   This little darling is hanging at the top of a
small black wrought iron shelf in my PINK bathroom!!

This little guy is made by Chris from A Little Creation.
He is spun cotton, has a cute little hat, a sparkly scarf, and
is holding a sweet sentiment.  This snowy scene is perfect,
because we surely did get plenty of snow here!  He is
hanging in a nook of my craft area.

This beautifully embossed metal and layered heart, with a
heart trinket hanging at the bottom is by Penny of At Home in
English Valley.  It was packaged so nicely against old sheet music with
the pretty valentine header that you can see.  I didn't take a
pic of the whole package.  I guess I was too anxious to get the
heart out of its wrappings!!  I have this hanging on the door in the
front of my Grandfather's clock.  

Isn't each heart so different?  It's just amazing to see the creativity and talent that goes into making a *simple* thing like a heart into a little work of art.  I enjoyed this swap and derive a great deal of  pleasure when I look around wherever I am in my home, and see these delightful hearts.

I also have the darling valentine I received from Elizabeth of Creative Breathing.  Not only was there a sweet valentine heart that she made, but also the cutest valentine basket with a teensy chenille bird atop along with a bluebird ornie.  There were a couple of valentine heart chocolates that I gobbled up, too!!

Elizabeth's sweet valentine!

The reverse side

The darling basket with a bird on top and I put the birdie ornie inside
for the picture

Isn't he the cutest little guy??!!  Holding his heart!

The so-darned-cute bluebird ornie out of Paperclay.  He is
also holding his valentine heart!

Vintage valentines

More vintage valentines.  A couple even have red flocking on them!

Doesn't he have the cutest expression?!

I put them on top of my TV armoire.  The chocolates did not
last long!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day everyone!  I just have to tell you - I went to my library today, to return a book and DVDs, and took out several DVDs and 16 books!  Ha ha ha!  Before you think I must be a speed reader ... 15 of those books are the tiny Beatrix Potter series.  As in, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, etc.  Since I started reading the BP Mysteries by Susan Wittig Albert (just got The Tale of Briar Bank-these books are AWESOME!!!!), I have become a huge BP fan.  I wanted to read these little books with her original artwork to see how they were done.  They are always referenced in the Albert books.  The next thing will be to read some biographies of her, her adult books,  check out Hill Top Farm, and read up on the gorgeous Lake Area of Cumbria where she lived.  I already started looking at some sites I Googled  but want to finish this book series plus the tiny books first.  Plus I've started getting into bunnies, chicks, duckies, and foxes.  And dollies - and searching for a dollhouse...and wanting spring to arrive quickly!



  1. Happy Valentines! I love all of the hearts..they really are precious...I recieved one of your lovely hearts.... but you didn't recieve one of mine...(from Debbys swap!) I guess she just randomly sent them to someone on the list..I don't know who all recieved mine but a few people got back to me...And Elizabeth she is amazing!!!!...I love her art...she really gives everything she creates a personality :) I love her :)

  2. Hello, Sandie!
    Oh...How I love your blog. Your lace and gingham checks are right up my alley. I am a huge lover of RED. My home is filled with this happy color.
    I am so happy to have found your darling blog thanks to Sandy at 521 Lake Street.
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day,
    Carolynn xoxo

  3. So much cuteness! Isn't it fun to have so many happy things to keep busy and interested in? I never get bored. I'm might get blue but there's always something to do! ♥

  4. Our son's cats are living with us right now. They sleep together on the bed all day long.

  5. Wow Sandie lots of cuteness and love going on in your blog today, love it, your cats are so cute too.
    Hugs Linda

  6. Hi Sandie, So glad that you liked the heart I made, and thank you for your kind words. Valentine's Day did fly by, but it was so nice to receive so many wonderful creations from so many kind, generous and talented ladies!

  7. Sandie,

    Could you please give me the link to the Mini Moo Crads that you sent Elizabeth? Thanks! I will be in touch soon with your swap partner!



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