Sunday, November 3, 2013

Meet Mini Ddung, Xuli!

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I want to introduce one of my new little girls:  my mini Ddung from Korea.  I fell in love with these tiny dolls and just couldn't resist that cute little face!  Oh, by the way, it's pronounced "Doo-ing".  I think it means "cute".  I have some pix of when she arrived.  (I WAS rather excited, hee hee!)

The package arrives from Korea!!


Such a pretty box-she is the Pink Petit Mademoiselle!

There she is!!

Out of the box with her little play cards.

Isn't she cute??!!

This is a wee crocheted outfit I made for her.  It's a little hard to see, but
there is a white feather in her in her hat!!

This is another crocheted outfit I made.  This one is for sale
on eBay.

I named her "Xuli" (Soo-lee).  I just love little dolls, and miniature things!!  I plan on making her a little Christmas Outfit - which I will have to squeeze in between all of the Blythe dresses I've been working on!  I am still in my crochet mode and have been making lots of Blythe outfits for my eBay "shop".  (Not really a shop, but it's the place where all of my listings hang out together!)  And my poor Etsy shop is so bare ......
In posts to come, I will share some of the new dollies I've acquired.  My doll-desires run the gamut these days to include sizes from 4 inches up to 20 inches!   Yup, and everything in between.  Along with some of the brandy new dolls, I also go with some project dollies.  Those are the ones that have to be cleaned up, hair spruced up,  and dressed.  And I wouldn't mind having another Ddung-one with dark hair!  There is also a larger size -about 7" tall - and I wouldn't mind getting one of those either!  Guess I'd better go crochet ....

I hope all of my sweet bloggy pals are doing well - I've missed you all very much and really will try to be a good girl in Blogland again!!!!

Have a pleasant Sunday!!!!

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  1. I must say you are one busy lady! So I take it you are watching the Hallmark Movies while making outfits for dollies? I hope those crochet outfits fly out of your shop, I am sorry the pass couple of times I read your blog I did not leave a comment but I am always impressed by your beautiful work! Hugs & Kisses, Diane

  2. It sounds like you're having lots of fun playing with all your little dollies! This one is so adorable and I LOVE the perfectly precious outfits you've crocheted for her! xo

  3. Those outfits you made are cute and so is the dolly.

  4. Hi Sandie,
    She's adorable! You are very talented with crocheting. Glad to see you posting :)


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