Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Little Follow Up

OMG!  I have been fooling around trying to give my blog that Christmasy touch ... I guess I'm just going to have to post and see what happens!!

Several ladies asked me about the Monster tissue box cover I am going to try to make.  I have the picture here to show you.

This shows the picture plus the color of the yarns surround it.

Here is the close up of it!!  She has a friend who loves monsters!!!!  LOL

I haven't started this project yet.  I'm trying to do crafting in between the cleaning and the trying-to-get-the-trees-decorated!!!  My two retro trees are up, but no ornies on them yet!!

I also mentioned something I thought might be silly, but my daughter DID like it!  I have some pix of it now.

My idea was to make a candle but using one of those little battery operated tea lights.

It was really rather easy to make.  I just used a piece of white felt and made a tube to fit around the tea light, but not so snug it can't be lifted out easily.  I just glued it in the back where it overlapped.  Then I brushed Stiffy stuff all over it and left it to dry on a piece of waxed paper.  I cut leaves out of 3 different shades of felt and also brushed them with Stiffy.  I just made a base out of cardboard sandwiched between some pretty cardstock.  When everything was dry, I glued the tube to the cardstock, stuffed the tube,  then set the tea light into the top.  (It pulls out easily so I can turn it on and shut it off.)  I tied a piece of pink tulle around the whole tube making a bow.   I glued the stiffened leaves on then added the rest of the decor.

There is the tube with the polyfil stuffed in.

This shows the back side where I glued the overlapped felt.   

I didn't push the tea light down too far, making it easier to pull  it out.  Because the felt is stiff, it comes out and goes in quite easily.  

You wouldn't think it, but it does look pretty at night.  The tea light flickers and has a nice glow so it almost looks like a real candle!  I set it in front of my bottle brush trees to give them a little light.

Please tell me what you think ... is it silly after all????  (I suppose you could try making one with a larger size light, but I only happened to have the tea lights.)  I don't even know if any of you would even want to try to make something like this.  So, again, please let me know!!!!

I'll be here, diddling around with craft stuff - until the next time ...


  1. That was a very creative and innovative use of tea candles. I have dozens of them...Costco sells them in big packages...mine will probably last a life-time. I hope you will show your trees when you have them finished. =D Thank you for visiting my German Christmas post.

    1. Thanks Shirley!!!!! I will show my retro trees, too!

  2. Hi Sandie, I only just came across your comment asking about the gingerbread house. It is a purchased pattern from So Little Deer on Etsy. Yes I did get your ornaments! I have posted it on my Sampler post. E

    1. Thanks E! That house is soooo cute! I thought sure it was one of your designs!!!!

  3. I love your candle and your blog, I'm your newest follower!

    1. Thank you and welcome into my Retro, Crafty World!

  4. Sandy, Have I got a craft wish list for you! I would so love to see the patterns for the wonderful vintage felt ornaments you have shared a few posts back. They look so cute! Thank you again for the wonderful conversation! E


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