Friday, December 28, 2012

After Christmas

Hello dear ones ~

I had plans on the posts I would do  before Christmas and then of course wish everyone the MERRIEST!!!  Unfortunately, I got sick just before Christmas ...and it knocked all of my plans to heck!  I did get to finish some of the projects I was working on for Christmas presents, but never got pix of the finished goods.  *pout*  

Pic of my mom MANY moons ago holding her Siamese kitty, who lived to 17 years!

I managed to have a lovely Christmas Eve with a few friends and my darling daughter.  Again, my addled brain never thought TO GO GET THE CAMERA!!!  The rest of this week I have been sleeping and napping a lot and I think I am beginning to feel a little better.  There was a nice dusting of snow Christmas Day, so it WAS a White Christmas for folks around these parts.  Which is really a rare thing to have just a bit of snow for Christmas Eve and a dusting for Christmas Day.  Then it was all gone!  Now snow is expected this weekend, but I hope it's not too much.  My car has a dead battery and can't be moved, so it will just have to sit snowbound if we get very much.  I plan to stay in and watch TV and crochet a little and continue to nap a lot!  LOL.

My sister, Judy, and her older daughter, Katherine, maybe early 80"s.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and is looking forward to a Happy New Year 2013!!  I have no plans for New Year's Eve, but that's okay - I have my kitty girls to keep me company!

My dear little Mummy and me a very long time ago.  (Maybe  in the late 70's or 1980)

I am looking forward to a wonderfully creative year, and enjoying times with all of my blog and crafting friends.  Also looking forward to Erica of Golden Egg Vintage's Valentine Swap!!  I have always enjoyed making Valentine gifties and cards and boxes, so this will be lots of fun, too!

One last picture - my dear Nanny and my 1st niece Brenda, this was from way back in the 60's  at my Sister Lorraine's house (Brenda's mom).

So, again ... happiness to all as the new year dawns on us!!!!

Until 2013,


  1. Sorry that you're feeling poorly but other than that it sounds like a pretty ideal holiday - friends, family, a little snow. I can't wait to see what you have in store for 2013. I love all your family photos; thanks for sharing them!

  2. What great family photo's Sandie, thanks for sharing them. I hope you have a fantastic 2013, and I look forward to getting to know you better.


  3. I love the photos! And snow on Christmas Eve and day!! How beautiful. I love the snow falling on your blog. So fun! Sorry that you got sick-I know how you feel. Right before Christmas I got the flu and spent 4 hours at dr office :( thanks to tamiflu I am doing much better :)
    Hope you have a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year! Holly


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