Saturday, December 8, 2012

Retro Style Ornies and Paper Houses


I finally finished my little retro style ornies - a little "Celestial" trio!  I can remember doing these back in the early 70's. You may remember the sequined ornament kits that were available.   I did make a set of these many moons ago!  When my son was born in 1970, I started making something for our Christmas tree every year.   It was always something different, sometimes from a kit, which was very popular back then; or from an idea I had, or from something my Mom-in-law was making.  (She was a RISD graduate, and the Art Supervisor for the Seekonk, MA schools for 30 years!)  I learned a lot from her, and we always had fun making stuff!!    The first item I ever made was so teensy tiny, but the title was bigger than it was!!  It was called "Little Red-haired Baby Sleeping Angels"!!  I did have one I'd kept, but don't know where it is now.  At some point I would like to recreate it!  Plus some of the other things we made back then.  I think they would be perfect to do now, with all of the interest in retro things.

I tried to take some pix of them on one of my retro trees, but the pix came out a bit blurry.  I will try them again on the tree and take more pix.  I still need to add hangers to them, so they may be hung properly on the tree instead of being stuck into the aluminum fronds as I did!!  LOL

The Sun

The Star

The Moon

The Trio

Made of felt, sequins, glass beads, embroidered faces with brads for eyes!

Poor Moon stuck in the tree!!

I made this star with PINK and decided to keep it!

So she has a hanger and is hanging on the livingroom tree!

Now onto the Paper Houses!  I happened to check out Mein Leila Park and her post is a wondrous parade of all sorts of adorable printable paper houses!!!  Here's the link to her blog:  

I checked out all of the little houses, saved and printed the ones I wanted.  Then I had the task of cutting them out, scoring the folds, folding to see how each one looked, then gluing them so they would stay put!  Last night I had a glitter party of one and accented them with glitter colors, then overall with the clear sparkly glitter.  I could hardly wait for them to dry, so I could add them to my little forest of bottle brush trees sprouted on top of my TV armoire.  Please pardon some of the pix - it's a very gloomy day out there so not much good natural light.

Here is the whole village.

A little gingerbread cottage.

A side view to see the sparkly roofs.

The Mouse gingerbread house and The Owls gingerbread house!

The mousies up close.

The other side of the houses.  

You can see the sprinkles of glitter on the armoire, because I was in such a hurry to add them up there!!  These are not PUTZ houses, but still really cute ones to add to your decor.  I think there may some patterns to make putz style houses, but I can't get into that at this moment.  I need to start crocheting, as I have gifties to make!!!  So away goes the glitter, glue, felt, sequins, beads, and chenille stems.  Out come the hooks and yarn!!!!  Thank you for coming by today!!!  I will be showing pix of some of my retro decor soon, I promise!!!  Plus I have lots to blogs to stop by and read, so I have to plan a blog catch-up that goes back over several days worth!!!!  But I just LOVE seeing what everyone is up to and enjoy reading each and every one so MUCH ~ so blog-hopping I'll go!!!

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  1. Your paper houses are an adorable display and your celestial ornaments are cute.

  2. So cute, Sandie! I love that little mouse house! And the ornies with the sequins... you are a girl after my own heart!

    1. Thank you!! I know, the mice were one of my favs!!

  3. Sandie- Your Sun, Moon, and Star ornies are so sweet! I need to find myself some felt ornaments like that.
    Great job on the houses!
    Erica :)

    1. Thanks Erica! I will be adding this set to my Etsy shop.

  4. Love your creativity!
    I collect snowmen, as long as they don't have legs, and also Christmas trees, the more unusual the better. None of which will be out this year. No help to bring them in from the garage.
    I am enjoying the blog hop and all the wonderful memories each collection brings to mind.
    One year when we had no money for presents I made quilted balls with ribbons for decorations and gifts. Best and most fun Christmas ever!

  5. Those ornaments are great!!! You're a holiday inspiration!

  6. I'm over the moon (and stars) because you shared that you used brads for the eyes! So simple and entirely cute. I look forward to adding brads to my felt projects. Thank you!


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