Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Son on TV

My son, Jodie, lives out in LA.  He's had some interesting jobs while he's been out there.  He worked as photographer's assistant for a magazine, where he even had a byline in the magazine.  He worked for a video company where he got to check out all the new games before they went to market.  And something he's done when it fits into his schedule - is play an extra onscreen.  So, over time he's been in a lot of different TV programs and even in several movies!  (Ooh, I'm waiting for the day he's in a Johnny Depp movie!  See how fast I get to California!!!!!  *hee hee*)

Anyway, sometimes I was lucky enough to get a clip showing where he came on scene during the program.  I hardly ever get actual photos of him from screen shots or in costume.  Recently he was an extra on the current TV program "Scandal".  He sent me several pix of himself  taken in his "outfit" for the scene he would be in:  a tuxedo!!  

My handsome son, Jodie

Jodie dressed for "Gala" scene on Scandal

Isn't he handsome??  I'm his mom, but I think so!!!  And he's such a nice guy, doesn't drink nor smoke.  I am very proud of him and love him to pieces!!  (As I also do my daughter, Greta, but I will do a little post of her down the road.)  

Then, he was sweet enough to send me several screen shots of himself on set with the actors during the actual filming:

Here he is in the middle of the shot

Here he is with Kerry

And again with Kerry

It was so cool because he was standing right next to Kerry during this scene, so every time the camera panned to her, he was also in the shot.  The camera has always loved him, ever since he was a baby.  He would always pose for pictures and I always had lots of cute shots of him!  A photographer friend of his has taken lots of beautiful shots of him all over LA.  Some in retro clothes and he looks like he stepped out of "Madmen".  

He wants to get into actual acting and has plans for acting classes in the near future.  I keep encouraging him because I've always felt that he was going to be in the creative world of movies at some point.  I will be certain to share any new photos I get from him.  I would also love to show you some pix of his several LA  photo shoots with Ian (photographer).  But that will be for another time.

It's been crazy here weather-wise.   We've had it snowing, then raining.  Today, it's spitting snow, but will probably turn to rain again.  I think it was raining just a bit much earlier.  It's been so gloomy lately.  I will be more than happy for spring to arrive ... and stay!!!

Bloggies, stay well and warm ...til next time ...   

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Felts

Hello Bloggies!!!!

I love working with felt!  That has to be one of my favorite materials to work with.  I especially enjoy the beautiful wool felt that can be found out in the 'net world.  I also enjoy  what I call, little handworks.  That means, small projects that are made with felt and handsewn.  Sometimes I can add other elements such as embroidery or beading to the felt project. I've also always loved wee things and miniatures.  I think that's why I like working on small items.  I have a few projects I've worked on ~ or ~ I'm working on now.  Here are some pix of ones that I did finish.

This sweet little girl is made of wool felt with wool yarn hair
that has been felted on.

A close up of her face

Back view of her felted hair

Here she is sitting down

She is a Gingermelon pattern.  I just love Shelly's patterns and her artwork.  I have several other of her doll patterns that I will be making in the future.  I would also like to try the above doll made up as a boy.  Why the blue hair, you may ask.  Well ... it is best to needle-felt wool on wool.  My choices of colors in wool yarns right now is, well, uh, limited.  But, actually, I like blue hair!  Many Blythe dolls have every color in the Crayola box for hair and I like that!!!  I liked this pattern because she does have some movement in her arms and legs.  The string-jointing method is used.  In this case, it's not really string-it's thread!  But her arms can move and she can sit.  

I also made these little guys from my own pattern.  Right now I don't know what I will DO with them, but I like making them.  They are quick and easy and add the beading effect and/or chenille stems for arms and legs.

Two wee dollies also made using wool felt

She has beaded arms and legs, which dangle
when you hold her up

She has chenille stem arms with beaded legs

I have several other wee projects that I've cut out and put in little baggies, awaiting their turns to be sewn together and finished!!  I'm also working on bunnies for Debby's Easter swap.  One other project I'm working on, too, is the "spoolie" for Sandy's Easter swap.  Sometimes I like to try something, and it may become a one-of-a-kind and I'll never make another one.  Or I have a kooky idea and may work on it, but not care for the results, so it gets scrapped.  I tend to be super critical of my OWN work.  But believe me, I am NOT like that with the work of others.  I always appreciate the talent and creativity that goes into the artwork or handcrafts of another.  I guess that is why I am always crawling around on the internet, looking for creations of others or for new things to try myself.  It tickles me to see what other people are capable of or what they dream up and do.  Ahhhh, this, to me, is one of the BEST things about the internet!  That's why I can very easily spend hours and hours lost in the "online-zone".  So - much of my time is spent ogling  or crafting, then reading before sleep, then dreaming technicolor dreams!!!

Here are a last couple of pix of my *dream house*.  LOL  This is one of the obsessions I currently have and at the top of my "WANT LIST" (which, by now, is probably 5 miles long!!).  

It's a Tomy dollhouse from the 70's (I think).  Apologies to
whoever took the pic, I got it online.

This is the interior.  I am ca-razy about the furniture.  

I actually tried for one on ebay.  But the bids just went too high for my pocketbook.  They don't really come up very often either.  Believe me, I have a search in place that will let me know.  Not only do I covet the above beauty, but I also want a tin dollhouse which is like the one I played with as a child.  I doubt very much if I can find one just like I had, because it had a staircase in it, and the ones I've seen with a stairway are either extremely rusted or just not like mine.  I do, however, have my eye stuck to one I've seen.  I just am not able to pounce on it at this time.  But I'm wishin' and hopin' that it's meant for me and will be available when I am!  

Will be working on my wee projects tonight as I watch TV.  "Southland" is on tonight, and I'm watching the very first seasons of "Homicide: Life on the Streets" on DVD.  And this goes back to the early 90's.  It's dated, but a good show.  I love mysteries and detective work along with forensics.  Of course, my favorite detective shows are all British!  I continue to request them from my library and check out the new ones available or watch ones I've already seen but will watch again and again!!

So, what have YOU been up to?????

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

Hello .....!!

Brrrrrr, it's quite cold out there today - that wind is brutal.  We had to go out to move our cars for the snow plow and being outside for 10-15 minutes was plenty enough for me!

Here are some recent thrift store finds.  There is a Salvation Army in West Warwick that I really like.  It has a lot of "good stuff" and lots of "pickies".  I love to pick through boxes, baskets, tubs, piles, whatever, to see if I can find something I want!  These goodies (to me) are not ALL from the same place.  I did hit a few other spots.  I used to go to the flea markets with my mum all the time years ago, and I miss that a lot.  It was standard Sunday fare - go to a couple of flea markets to see what we could find.  Then go find something good to eat or maybe ice cream in the summer!  I am hoping when spring comes around, I can go again.  I'd also love to go to some yard sales.  I'm hoping to find someone with enough interest to go along with me!  It's more fun to have someone to show treasures to ~ and see what treasures they have found.

A Georges Briard ice bucket.  Shiny gold with Lucite top and
handle, gold knob.  Nice condition, no smell inside!

I didn't know if I wanted to keep this one or not.  I have a cute retro one now (Kraftware-excellent  condition),  but I have this nice never used Georges Briard Bar tool set (gold-plated so looks good with brass).  Not that I have these swinging parties and need to set out and use an ice bucket or tools!!  So, keep one, sell one, keep two, sell none.  Arghhh, I have a terrible time trying to decide anything!

Used set of pastels.  I figured these would come in handy.
I have something I wanted to try them with, but just
haven't as of yet.

A crisp bag of red wooden acorns with real caps.  Who
could resist these????

Pickies to add to my craft books and craft stash.  Those two
yellow lumps are kinda flattened chicks that just need a
little "fluffing"!!

Retro jewelry box.  Nice condition outside and inside.  I thought
it would be good to resell.  It has a hidden secret!  There is an
old photo stuck inside behind the drawer.  You can just see the
edge of one of those old-fashioned kind.  It looks like the owner may
have tried to get it out, but no luck.  I am dying to know what
the picture might be of.  I think it was in the drawer, got
pushed way back-over the edge and caught behind the
drawer.  The drawer opens automatically when you open the
jewelry box top.  The drawer action has probably caused
the photo to curl, so it stays put.  Could it have been  a Lady's
secret beau?  A child's darling picture?  Dear Mother and Father?

Inside is nice.

A pretty set of pots in different sizes that match!  I will
probably start with re-potting two African violets I have.

A naked Bratz Boy.  Hey, he has his feet!!

This little elf stole my heart with his cutie-pie
face.  I have since trimmed his hair so you can
see his pointy ears and his cute face.  He also
has a new green felt hat with a tiny bell.  Those
are tiny "fake" scissors in his apron pocket.
If I find some other wee tools, I'll add them.  He
is already on my shelf!!!

Two retro poodles.  The one on the right is so cute with her
yellow hat and scarf.  And "spaghetti".  The one on the
left is Goebel from Germany.

Closer view-happy little one on the right!!

See, this one has the "Flying V" mark.   I know it's an
older mark.

Mary Engelbreit book

Her adorable artwork

Reminisce Magazines-29 cents each.  These are newer
issues, too.  I love these magazines especially when
there are lots of 50s-60s photos in them.

A little Golden Book.  No, not old, but just so darned cute!

Such cute faces!

OMG-look at this laughing bunny!  Isn't that face just

You can see I am all over the place when it comes to picking up goodies.  But then, not really.  I love retro stuff, craft stuff, books, kitsch, dolls to dress ...  Who knows what else I may drag home.  As long as it appeals to me and is cheap enough and not too big ...I like so many things.  Hey, please don't blame me!  I'm my mother's daughter -- what can I say????!!!!!

Stay warm.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Two snoozing Valentine girls!  Johnny on the left, and
Frankie on the right.  They sleep all day on my bed!

For me, it seems like Valentine's day was over a few weeks back!  I guess that's because I was so busy with all of my Valentine crafting for sending and then receiving!  So, for today, I would like to show the the beautiful hearts  and goodies I received in a recent swap.  This was for the Heart Swap by Debby of Cozy Blanket.

This cutie is by Holly of Cotton Pickin Fun!  It's a stuffed red heart with a
felt pocket on the front holding a wee bunny with a heart and a
vintage valentine.  There is also a darling Pom birdie holding a
little valentine letter in his beak.

Isn't he precious?!!

Here is the little valentine  and the wee bunny!

Verity saw that wee bunny, ran over, and grabbed him up!
Guess who owns that sweet wee bunny now??!!

Holly's heart has ended up hanging on one of my hutch doors!  Minus the wee bunny, of course! 

This pretty garland is from Carol of  Art and Sand.  The paper hearts are grommeted
and strung together with red baker's twine.  It spells out "Love".  You can see
that it is hanging on my "mirror-window" over my kitchen sink. 

Carol also made the hand-stamped card and the mini
bag which has a heart in hand on it.  The 3
sparkly hearts were tucked inside.

Those sparkly hearts will be saved for future ornies, and the mini bag hangs on my bulletin board.  I love the sign of the heart in hand.  That's so true of crafting and making things.  What comes from the heart is made with the hands. So it's an inspiration!!

This sweet pretty is made by Debby of Cozy Blanket.  It's a
baby-soft heart embellished with pink embroidery, buttons,
and ribbon.   This little darling is hanging at the top of a
small black wrought iron shelf in my PINK bathroom!!

This little guy is made by Chris from A Little Creation.
He is spun cotton, has a cute little hat, a sparkly scarf, and
is holding a sweet sentiment.  This snowy scene is perfect,
because we surely did get plenty of snow here!  He is
hanging in a nook of my craft area.

This beautifully embossed metal and layered heart, with a
heart trinket hanging at the bottom is by Penny of At Home in
English Valley.  It was packaged so nicely against old sheet music with
the pretty valentine header that you can see.  I didn't take a
pic of the whole package.  I guess I was too anxious to get the
heart out of its wrappings!!  I have this hanging on the door in the
front of my Grandfather's clock.  

Isn't each heart so different?  It's just amazing to see the creativity and talent that goes into making a *simple* thing like a heart into a little work of art.  I enjoyed this swap and derive a great deal of  pleasure when I look around wherever I am in my home, and see these delightful hearts.

I also have the darling valentine I received from Elizabeth of Creative Breathing.  Not only was there a sweet valentine heart that she made, but also the cutest valentine basket with a teensy chenille bird atop along with a bluebird ornie.  There were a couple of valentine heart chocolates that I gobbled up, too!!

Elizabeth's sweet valentine!

The reverse side

The darling basket with a bird on top and I put the birdie ornie inside
for the picture

Isn't he the cutest little guy??!!  Holding his heart!

The so-darned-cute bluebird ornie out of Paperclay.  He is
also holding his valentine heart!

Vintage valentines

More vintage valentines.  A couple even have red flocking on them!

Doesn't he have the cutest expression?!

I put them on top of my TV armoire.  The chocolates did not
last long!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day everyone!  I just have to tell you - I went to my library today, to return a book and DVDs, and took out several DVDs and 16 books!  Ha ha ha!  Before you think I must be a speed reader ... 15 of those books are the tiny Beatrix Potter series.  As in, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, etc.  Since I started reading the BP Mysteries by Susan Wittig Albert (just got The Tale of Briar Bank-these books are AWESOME!!!!), I have become a huge BP fan.  I wanted to read these little books with her original artwork to see how they were done.  They are always referenced in the Albert books.  The next thing will be to read some biographies of her, her adult books,  check out Hill Top Farm, and read up on the gorgeous Lake Area of Cumbria where she lived.  I already started looking at some sites I Googled  but want to finish this book series plus the tiny books first.  Plus I've started getting into bunnies, chicks, duckies, and foxes.  And dollies - and searching for a dollhouse...and wanting spring to arrive quickly!