Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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A great big "hi" to all of you bloglanders out there!!!  No, I haven't forgotten everyone, it's just been one of those crummy 6 month spells.  I think I've finally broken through, though, and hopefully back to continue POSTING!!

I have been in my crochet mode, so I'll show you some of the things I've been working on.  (At this moment, I can't upload new pix on my computer.  My old computer with ALL my stuff crashed and died on me.  Yep, not fun.  This is not a new computer, either, but I am darned glad to have it!!  Just taking time to get things somewhat normal.  Normal?  Well ...)

I've been making Blythe outfits:

This is, of course, Strawberry Girl.  (Still available)  The dress comes with a headpiece and a stuffed and beaded strawberry.  One of my Tangkou girls, Gianna, is modeling; as well as my Blythe, Verity.

This one I called Blueberry Girl and it has been sold.  I used different shades of crochet cotton thread and embroidery floss.  It had an attached tulle underskirt.  I made a matching hat and ballet slippers. That is my Pullip Miss Chloe modeling!

This is the Watermelon Girl, which is also has some hand beading  This dress has a matching hat with flowers and beads.  That's the other Tangkou girl, Beatrix, modeling.  Yes, they do look like twins!!

Now when I first did this dress, I called it Melon Girl, but I've changed it to Peachy Keen!  It is in shades of pretty peach with a really pretty headpiece and ballet slippers.  I had hauled everything outside to take pix of the girls modeling outfits and trying to make it look like they were having fun!!

This is a multi collage of a few different dresses I've made.  The Little Big Eyes Doll is still wearing the natural color dress.  It has a bright pink tulle underskirt, and I liked it with her bright pink hair.  At this time, that poor little girl has no name!!!  I had to start a little book with the names of my girls, because they are beginning to number, and I will not be able to remember what I named whom!!

This is one of the smaller dolls I did a dress and crocheted slip for.  I had a few dolls I got nude, so they needed to be clothed.  She is a Playmate Strawberry Shortcake.  No name for her yet, either.  I have a couple of her sisters I dressed, but don't have the pix uploaded yet.  I think she is about 4 1/2" tall.

There are other dolls I've dressed (no pix yet).  The largest size is an 18" Disney Animators Toddler Snow White from the London Disney store; the smallest is probably a toss up between several Bratz Babyz, my new little darling, a mini Ddung, (HER name is Xuli (Soo-lee), and a little Kelly doll (Barbie's sister). These are all about the same height, but very different body sizes.  It seems like I sit every night and crochet while watching my favorite TV shows or my favorite British/Irish/Welsh/Australian/Canadian mysteries or detective/police dramas on DVD.  Oh yeah, and I FINALLY got Season 3 of Downton Abbey.  I just love this series and think I would love to have all of the seasons on DVD one day.

Next time I'll show you the Japanese-style pose dolls I had fun making.  I did those when I was in my felt mode.  It will be nice if I can also upload new pix to show you, too!!

I guess these days, the only retro thing about me, is my childhood love of dolls and all things related. I did find a metal dollhouse very much like the one I had, but for some reason, now I have it, it's not giving me that expected "zing".  I think because the house I really wanted is the Tomy modern house from the 70's.  It's gotten so hot and so expensive just since I started looking.  Maybe there will be one somewhere in my future!  LOL!!  

I hope everyone is well and has had a good summer.  I will be doing some catch up work checking out the blogs of so many dear people!  

So - anyone else out there playing with dolls????

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