Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I know you are probably thinking - okay, she's gotten all those craft supplies; ummm-has she DONE any crafting???  Yes, I have been busy in between.  I did finish my Whitman's Sampler ornies for the swap.  And I've tried to "draw" some things I'd like to try to make up.  Every time I want to make something, it seems I need to make up a pattern for it and then by trial and error, diddle with it until it actually makes something.  So, remember that poor disheveled and naked Strawberry Shortcake doll I got at a Sals??  Well, she is cleaned up, her hair combed and fixed, and dressed.  I made the cute little dress she's wearing from wool felt, sewn by hand - AND - my first attempt at making doll shoes (with cardboard in them like real doll shoes).

Here she is all cleaned up and dressed!!

Two little beaded pockets.  Can you see her teensy shoes?

Here's her back view.  I used a tiny button for the closure at the top.

The color of the felt is very pretty with her strawberry hair.  I added the picot-edged ribbons.  I think she looks cute.  I put her up on that cool shadow box I got!  I've started working on a dress for my poor Blythe doll.  (Her name is Verity Rose).  She was still wearing the 4th of July outfit I made for her!

Verity out in the garden.  The outfit is Red, White, and Blue although it looks a bit purplish.

I have started working on her dress.  But I can't decide what I want to do with it.  It's also made of the wool felt.  I guess I enjoy handwork, that's why I sew a lot by hand.  Anyhoo, when she's done I'll be sure to post a pic!

I also wanted to show you my, uhhh, portable craft table.  I like to sit here and do my handwork and watch TV.  I can turn on lights to brighten up the work area.  But another wishlist item is an Ott-Light.  For these poor old eyes!  You can see a little snow fella that I'm working on.  I'll have to see how I like him when he's done.  Maybe you might see the  finished pic!  LOL

It's one of those Lifetime Personal tables and I LOVE it!  It has a good sized surface, doesn't fall down if I move it, is lightweight, and folds down to slip away.

What have you all been working on??  I've seen some wonderful crafts on lots of blogs, so I know lots of you are busy bees!!  Are the shorter days bothering anyone else??  I miss the long daylight days of summer.  

So, until next time ...

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  1. Hi Sandie!
    Your SSC doll turned out darling! I can't believe that you even made her shoes! I LOVE SSC, and have quite the collection. I'll have to post about it one of these days.
    I hope you're having fun crafting. I'm curious to see what you'll do with your paperclay too. I love working with it!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks, Erica!! I think little SSC has become a classic. My daughter had every doll and the Purple Pieman when they first came out! It's very cute stuff!! Yes, please post pix of your collection!! I haven't tried the Paperclay yet. It should be interesting, though!

  2. Hey Sandie, I absolutely love love!! the Strawberry Shortcake dress!! You did a fantastic job and the shoes are amazing! Great job! I can't wait to see what Blythe will be wearing and I can't wait to see the finished snowman! Have a wonderful night! Holly
    ps did you get any snow?

    1. Why, thank you Holly!! I was pleased with how she came out. I think I need more practice in the shoe department but I'll keep trying. I finished the snowman tonight-gotta take pix tomorrow-then unveil him for you!!! Yes, we got snow!! It was quite wild yesterday! It turned to rain and pretty much washed it away. It was quite nippy today and still windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, which is good-I need a few groceries!!!!

  3. i love strawberry shortcake dolls. I remember buying a bunch of them for my daughter was she was little. And she had a couple bigger ones that when you squeezed them apricot or strawberry scents would blow out of their mouths! they smelled so good! lol.
    anyways, your little outfit on you doll is adorable. I'm still working on bears.. hopefully this weekend will be the end of them for now.. I'm dying to start on christmas stuff!!
    happy day!

  4. Sandy, I love your portable craft table. I do all of my felt stitching in my family room, an end table holds everything! Your little snowman looks so cute with his carrot nose. You have been busy! E


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