Friday, November 9, 2012

Welcome, Ann Estelle and Snowfella Finished!!!

Happy Friday All!!

Guess who arrived at my house the other day ... yep, my darling Ann Estelle doll "Bowl Full of Cherries"!!!  She is just so darned cute.  With her blonde bob and tiny round glasses and sweet cherry print dress.  Here, take a look ...

Ann Estelle waves Hello!

Isn't she darling?!

I like that I can position her head for different looks!

Her sweet embroidered apron.

Back View.

Such a sweet face!


Now a few pix of my Snowfella.  I finished him last night while watching The Voice!  He gives a nod to Elizabeth for his body styling ... I made the box he stands on and his hat and scarf-from felt and some bits of hand-dyed hand woven felt from Quilting Acres.  (I have to say I LOVE the smell of this wool fabric!  It smells like little sheep that have had a bubble bath!  Sniff sniff...)  Everything else I just made little pix of and cut out the felt and hand sewed together.  I stiffened his hat brim because otherwise it tended to crinkle and I didn't like how it looked.  I think I'll offer him on Etsy!!!


The hat band, top of hat and scarf are made of the nice hand made felt.

Side view.  I punched out all the snowflakes from 2 different size punches, then glittered them.

Even though he has holly and berries on his hat, I decided he need a snowflake, too!

I tried a more egg shaped body to see how I liked it.  What do you think?

Mr. Snowfella

And one last thing - here's my WIP ...

Just the face is done.

Head not quite finished yet.

So, he's my weekend project - along with trying to get some other things done!  I still need to change over to my winter wardrobe.  It's gotten quite chilly and short sleeves just don't do it!!!!  LOL  

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Until next time,

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  1. Your snowman is adorable, as is your bowl full of cherries doll. Have fun finishing your projects.


    1. Thanks Meri! I am still working on that second snowman!!!

  2. I STILL love dollies - enjoy Estelle! Your snowfella is so cute!

    1. Hi Angela! Thank you! Yes, I STILL play with dolls, and I'm pretty happy doing it!! LOL

  3. Hello Sandie!!! I had to come over and see your blog ,with so many lovelies to behold, I'm glad I did!!!

    1. Thank you Flora!! I just adore the darlings you make!!!!

  4. OMGoodness, these are both darling!


  5. Your Snowfella is darling! Love the Mary E doll. She is such a treat and so is your blog, your newest follower!

    1. Hi Helen!! Thank you so much and Welcome!!!! :)

      Hugs to you!!

  6. Sandy! You got your AE doll you wanted. What a sweet face. Absolutely adorable snowman with his giant snowflake! I love his face and snowflake box. Too cute! May I ask did you send your ornaments to me? I want to make sure I haven't missed their arrival. Have a great day! Elizabeth

    1. Hi E!! Thanks for your kind words! No, I haven't mailed them yet. Sorry, just a little behind, a very good friend of mine is very ill and in hospice. I haven't been with it for doing what I should. Except for crafting to keep my mind occupied. Will let you know when I do mail them, however.

  7. Thanks for coming by my blog and celebrating with me, Sandie! I was going to catch up with you over here but I'm sad to say that not all the pics are showing up for me. I know it's my computer or my internet. It's been giving me fits! Anyway, I'll try again another time so I can see your pics! ♥


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