Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Patti's Valentine!!!

Gingerboy-but he almost looks like *chocolate*!

Now that Elizabeth has received him, I can show you  pix of my little Gingerboy that I made for her ornament swap.  He is a Gingermelon pattern, but I added his little heart garland. He was fun to make, and I guess I do like working on tiny things!!

I received my darling Valentine from Patti of Paintin Patti and it's so cute!

Patti says it reminds her of her DH and her~so sweet!

Here is my darling rag ball garland with vintage Valentines at night.  Yep, I still have candles in my windows. I just like them.  That warm glow ...

So ... I added Patti's Valentine to the garland:

Smack in the middle!!

Isn't it just so cute!  I pulled the shade down and thought it showed up better that way!  I'm loving my garland and my beautiful Valentines!!

A little closer ~ how sweet the look on that girl's face!

Closer still!!!

Now you can see the glitter added to highlight her blond curls and his Valentine.  See all of the tiny three-dimensional flowers she added?  They add just the perfect little touch to this Valentine garden.  It surely does bring a smile to my face!  Thank you Patti ~ I'm hoping you received mine by now!!!  All of these Valentine swaps were just so much fun.  I believe it brings the circle in a little closer!!  We get to know each other by our stylings.  And it's been so nice to see how a theme can be interpreted so differently by each person!  I saw that, too, with the Christmas Shadow Box Swap.  Same little boxes, but each one done oh so differently.  All of these goodies I consider my treasures.  To keep forever!!!


  1. I think that's just about the cutest little gingerboy I've ever seen. You might need to make more of those Sandie! :)

  2. how cute! that gingerbread boy is freaken adorable! I agree with Erica.. you might need to make more of those!

  3. Hello Sandie,

    Your little gingerbread is so darn cute! Iwas also lucky enough to have recieved that same heart from Patti...isn't it sweet:)

  4. Hi Sandie!

    As you know, I just LOVE your little gingerboy with his darling heart garland and charming smile! The Valentine Heart you received from Patti is adorable too and brings back memories of greeting cards from my childhood! They were so much cuter back then:)
    ~Shelly xo

  5. Hi Sandie,
    I just received my five hearts, and yours was one of them! It's such a pretty heart - I love it! I'm so glad to have found such a nice group of creative women! - Thank you!

  6. Hi Sandie! Oh - you are the best swap-girl-friend! I just love my valentine and little pin. Ohhhhhh - so sweet! I am so thrilled to see my valentine on your garland. Can I come over and see it in person! WISH!!! Thank you for joining me - and for being so sweet and gracious to make my swap so special.

  7. Hi Sandi,
    I recieved one of your hearts from the swap that you made! It looks like it took forever to put all of those little beads on it :) Thank you! I love it!!!!

  8. OMG your little Ginger boy is just too cute for words! and the banner she sent you is adorable as well. Great swap you two had!'
    hugs Lynn


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