Friday, November 15, 2013

At the Library ...

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Still in the midst of computer problems ...  It's hard to write a blog at the library!!!  And I so wanted to show you wips of the Blythe Christmas dresses I've been working on.  These are a combination of crochet and fabric.  I should have a dozen dresses when they are all finished.  I hope I have a working computer soon - otherwise it will be pretty hard to post listings (and photos) on eBay and Etsy!!!

Also thinking it's time to get my flu shot!  Yes, I usually get one every year and I am a bit late for getting one this year.  Does everybody out there get one?  I know some people won't get one because they think they will become sick.  I have never gotten sick from a flu shot, and I do believe having one has saved me from the nasty ravages of flu many times over!!!

I will have quite a bit of catching up to do once I am settled in front of my own (!) computer at home again.  

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend -- 

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  1. I get myself and the kids a flu shot every year. Last year I was so busy that I didn't get one and guess what? I got the flu 2 weeks before Christmas and i hadn't finished my Christmas shopping or baking! Boy, I learned my lesson. Got my shot at the end of September at CVS for free-no waiting or appointment :) I have been getting the flu shot every year for 17 yrs and the only time I got sick was last year and the year before I started getting the shot. I am never going to miss another flu shot! Lesson learned. So sorry you have been having computer troubles, hopefully you will get them fixed soon. I have missed you :) Have a great night, Holly

  2. Ugh! I've blogged from the library before. Those were sad days! No flu shots here. I've only had the flu once in my life- in the 80's. Don't get me started on other health problems, though! Hope your computer woes are solved soon! ♥


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