Monday, October 29, 2012


Tree Down in Warwick RI

Well as most of you may know - today was Hurricane Sandy day!  I thought I would share a few pix taken by fellow Rhode Islander Jim Taylor.  No, I stayed in, warm and DRY!!  But the wind blew pretty hard and the rain poured down.  I hope everyone everywhere is safe tonight!!

Bowen's Wharf, Newport RI

Fall River Massachusetts

Harborside in East Greenwich, RI

Closing the hurricane barrier at Foxpoint, RI

Closing the hurricane barriers under I-195, RI

House at Roy Carpenter's, RI

Narragansett RI 1

Narragansett RI 2

Ocean Mist in Narragansett RI

Rumford RI Post Office-roof ripped off

Watch Hill RI-Usually walk along these shops, now under water

Newport Boat House surrounded by water

Wickford RI

LAST ONE:  HMS Bounty - sunk off the coast of NC.  This is the ship that was in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.  12 People were saved, 2 are missing.

So, it was pretty nasty down by the water.  I think poor New Jersey got hit quite badly, along with Virginia Beach.  Higher elevations in Virginia got a blizzard!!!  Thank goodness we didn't have to deal with anything like that here.  It started out chilly, but the temp has risen.  Lots of folks without power.  So glad I am not one of them.  

Have a good evening and tomorrow I want to show you something really cute!!!!




  1. So much destruction!
    Glad you are safe and dry. Take care.

  2. We are thinking of all of you who were in the path of Sandy. So sad for those who lost loved ones.

    1. We were very fortunate in this area, we didn't even lose power. I am thankful for that! Very scary, though!


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