Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Lucky Day!

I wanted to share with you this nice little lucky streak I had!!!  No, not gambling ... Giveaways!!!
I won THE most adorable apron through a generous giveaway from Pam at RetroRenovation.  Pam's blog was the first blog I ever followed - DAILY.  I think I have followed her since Retro Renovation's inception!  
It's a retro apron with a matching Lucy head wrap.  Isn't it adorable??!!

The apron is made by Bella Pamella and I got to choose which style I wanted.  I chose the "Nora" in Ruby Dot.  

This is the Lucy Head Wrap.  Just like Lucy wore!

This is the back - it's just as cute from the back as it is from the front!  Two roomy pockets on each side and  the ties are long enough to make a sweet bow.

I did wear the head wrap one day when I was doing some cleaning and laundry.  I don't have a picture of me wearing it, but I'll tell you, I thought I was pretty cute!!!  LOL!

Here's the tag - you can tell their aprons are quality!

Sending warm hugs to Pam - I'm a happy winner!!

Now this next giveaway I won through FB by The House That Lars Built, a blog written by the lovely Brittany Watson Jepsen in Denmark!

The prize is this beautiful book Issue Sound from Swarovski.

I am going to let these pictures speak for themselves.  The photos in it are gorgeous.  When I get into my "jewelry-making" mode again, I will be attempting something from this book!

A nice card from Brittany.

An interesting necklace ~

Aren't these gorgeous?  I love the photography in this book.

I love a step by step guide.

I actually HAVE a Wig Jig that I've never used.  *Tsk tsk*.  Now I have something to follow so I can finally give it a try!!

I just HAD to show you the postmark!  You know I'll be saving it!!  I have my little collection of  postmarks/stamps from other places and I think these might be used in my paper crafting somehow.

Thank you, Brittany!  I 'm really enjoying it!!

Gee, I just love surprises, don't you?  Both of these wins were total surprises to me.  I guess I just have to say ... I'm a lucky duck!!!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!
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  1. Hurry go buy a Lotto ticket. lol Yes you are indeed a lucky duck. I love that apron material and would wear it out. :0)


    1. Hi Missy-don't think I haven't thought of wearing it out!!! I've worn a 1/2 apron out before!!!!!

  2. A very sweet apron and headband!! xo Heather

  3. Your are one lucky lady! Wish you had a pic of you wearing the Lucy headscarf. I bet it is adorable! The apron is just the cutest also. What fun to win a jewelry book! Have a great weekend! ~Holly

    1. Maybe I will get a pic of me wearing it! I have it hanging up right now - it's so cute to see!!!

  4. Hi lucky girl!! Wow, you sure hit the jackpot this week! I'd love to see a pic of you in the apron and headscarf too! I've been meaning to pop by all week, now finally have a moment to come and say 'hello'! Your blog looks wonderful Sandie, so fresh and eye catching! I hope you're having fun blogging away:)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    ~Shelly xo

    1. Hi Shelly!! So nice to have you come by!!! Thanks for the sweet words. I love everything you've been up to and can't wait to see what's next! Oh I got some of those pieces of the dyed, hand-woven wool from Quilting Acres! The wool smells sooooo good!!!! Like little sheep that just had a bath!!! LOL


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