Sunday, November 4, 2012

Craft Supply FRENZY!!

I got myself into a craft supply frenzy ... which for me, isn't really hard to do!  Friday, it was off to Joann's for my monthly "feel good" craft trip.  For 5 hours!  At least!  I searched and scoured many departments, sometimes more than once many times. Depending on what craft supplies I'm looking for, I may only concentrate on those particular departments.  But lately, I gotta do a whole store run through.  LOL  There weren't too many Halloween items left.  But I peeked at those.  Checked out the Papercrafting stuff, fabrics, Christmas stuff, paints, buttons, ribbons, and of course, the mags and books.  I crawled around looking for sales and anything clearance that I might need use.  I did a little sit down to look at the mags and books I picked up and also looked in the Mc Call's pattern book.  I did pick two that were on sale for 1.29 each. 

Two Mc Call's patterns I picked up.  The doll clothes pattern is one that's out of print and I just got from eBay.

Doll undies material and some white muslin for dolls plus a few trims.

Paperclay to try - a new medium for me!!

Since there is a Michael's and a Savers in a shopping plaza on the other side of the street, I jumped plazas.  Michael's offered their Halloween leftovers for 80% off.  I picked up a few things there, but I had already put a lot of that stuff away before picture-taking time.  As soon as I get new supplies, I have to get it all organized quickly.  Usually that means a "project" because then I need to move things around to make room and kinda re-organize.  My poor feeties were already hurting, but I did a quick run-through at Savers. I found a couple of very nice paper crafting hard cover books there, plus a nice one on jewelry-making I had admired on Amazon.  And the cutest little Scottie dog pin!!  Now just imagine a little ribbon and tiny bell 'round his neck!!

Isn't he cute?  Might be vintage, kind of looks it!

These cute little painted wood pickies were  too cute to pass up!

I forgot to take pix of the books, and I also got a really pretty, old, Chinese horse that I will show a pic of down the road.  He got washed and is still drying!

So then ...

On Saturday, I went back to Michael's (the one closer to me) because I wasn't able to spend enough time there to satisfy my CRAFT CRAVING.  I was there so long that they went through a complete shift change - plus add a couple hours to each side of that!!!  Does anyone else do this?  I don't do it every week or anything.  Just the once a month or maybe bi-monthly.  I can wander around and around and not til I drop either even if I , go without food, heh heh.  Just for crafts, though.  Not other stuff.  I used to do it at Doll and Teddy Bear shows, too, with mom, but haven't done so in a long time.  But ... somewhere down the line, a doll show is calling my name!!  So, here's some of the other goodies I got.  Don't forget, besides stuff on sale or clearance, I came armed with COUPONS!!!

This is some Recollections items that were clearanced.  The wire basket hangs on the rod and so do those jar holders.

Some bits 'n bobs for Christmas crafting.

See those light pink boxes up on top??  They were 7 for $10. which is an excellent price.  I like the  pretty pink.  You can see that these boxes on top of my Craft Cupboard are now UP TO THE CEILING!!

I got this circle cutter to help with paper crafting.  I (with help from a kind manager) compared this one by ek with the one by Martha Stewart.  This one is much better!  It is in a ball-bearing frame which makes it easy to cut the circles.  Cuts circles 1" to 6" with lots of in-between sizes.  The MS one you have to HOLD with one hand and circle with the other.  The manager actually had used the MS one in a class and remarked he liked this one much better!  I used my coupon!!!  

Yes, I know, one of those wonderful electronic cutters would be much better, but that will come down the road.  I want the Silhouette Cameo and right now it's too pricey for me!!  But I know that it cuts so much MORE besides paper and connects to my computer so the possibilities are endless!

One more item I picked up from the 80% off stuff:

I got this for my kitchen because now I collect OWLS!  Here's the thing:  I NEED some ideas on how to spiff it up before it goes on the wall.  It's made of painted burlap over pressed board.  The little owl is painted wood.  It needs a touch here and there to really bring it to "creative" life.  Any SUGGESTIONS??????  

There you have it.  I was in a frenzy for two days.  Over craft stuff.  You know those pink boxes close to the ceiling?  Yup, filled already!!  I re-organized stuff inside the Craft Cupboard, too.  I have several more of those pretty boxes to use for  more organizing.  And one item I didn't get, but is also on my wishlist, is this:

This is the Desktop Carousel from Recollections at Michaels.   It would replace all of the separate holders I now have that are taking up way too much room on my already cramped craft desk.   I have  seen this in lots of craft room pix online, so I know it's a must-have.  Maybe even one of their cubes or shelves  if I remove the glass shelf on the desk corner.  My printer could then go on top of that and I would have the underneath to use.  Right now the space under that glass shelf is wasted because it's not high enough to fit much under it.  

Okay, that's it, I promise.  Except for 2 last pix.  This is a nice item I got off eBay for 1.25 (it was waiting for me when I got home):

This is such a beautiful book and just filled with her darling drawings.  I had to add it to my collection!

I just LOVE this self-portrait she did!  

I hope you all got that extra hour of sleep.  So, until next time,

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  1. Wow! You are one marathon shopper! Kuddos to you! You bought some amazing stuff and at great prices. I love using paperclay but the only draw back is that is dries a little too quickly for me so I keep a small glass of water handy. When clay starts drying too quickly I dip my finger in the water and smooth things over. This wets the clay just enough. Be careful it can get too wet. Have fun! Can't wait to see what you make!! Happy crafting, Holly

    1. Thanks for the tip, Holly. I haven't tried it yet, as I'm working on something else at the moment. LOL, yes, I am a marathon shopper. Mom and I used to go shopping together and I miss her. But "Bargains" is my middle name!!! LOL!

  2. Oh Sandie! You would love my JoAnn store, it's next door to Chipotle a refueling station while you park your cart in a safe place! I think you better wear your best cushioned walking shoes and take along a Five Hour Energy drink for your next trip! You are INDEED Wonder Woman!


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