Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blythe's Finished Crocheted Dress

I actually finished my Blythe's dress (her name is Verity Rose) the other day.  We had several days of gloom, so pic-taking was not the best.  The first bright day, I took several pix before I totally forgot about taking any at all!!!  I took them with a window behind me, so you see that window on poor Verity's forehead!!  Sorry.  Since then, I've been so busy working on my swap goodies.

Her dress is light pink

White trim

The little flower is white with a tiny pink heart button

You can't really see her bare tootsies!

Her hair decor is a baby barette!

I added a little slip under it because it does show thrrough and you can see her legs.  I didn't make a slip, but used a vintage Madame Alexander half slip that I needed to take a few tucks in so it wouldn't fall down around her ankles!  It was certainly interesting using a tiny steel hook and thread after using bulky yarn and a huge hook for the cowls I made for Greta.  

Anyhoo, I have been working away on swappy gifties.  I finished Elizabeth's ornament; I'm working on the hearts; and then I will work on the Valentine box.  I had to buy a large Valentine box of candy in order to have the large box to use.  YUP!  Those chocolates keep calling me!!!  I think I will end up 10 pounds heavier by the time I'm done.  At least.  Did I say I love chocolate???  And that I cannot resist it????  Oh, when I was looking for the Valentine heart - I saw the BIGGEST heart box of Russell Stover chocolates!!!! My eyes just lit right up, and at approx. 40 bucks , I'll have to leave that to my imaginary boyfriend!!!  So, perhaps not this year ... ha ha ha!  Uh oh ... speaking of that yummy candy ... I have the urge to run and grab a piece.  Yep - need a little of that chocolate-energy!!!

Have a great Sunday, what's left of it.  I am taking advantage of daylight, so going to run .........

Until next time ....


  1. Sandie-
    My imaginary boyfriend buys me chocolate all of the time! ;)
    It really was pretty mean of me to make you all eat tons of chocolates by requiring you to buy a heartshaped box for my swap! lol
    Your Blythe doll is too cute! You're always making cute things!
    Erica :)

    1. Well, I'm not REALLY complaining. I've done a pretty good job of eating them up! Can you believe I'm STILL going by the diagram that came with the box so that I can PICK which one I want? Like I'm not going to eat them all!!!!! LOL

  2. Replies
    1. I know, huh, Holly??!!! It take a genius photographer to get it smack dab in the middle!! LOL


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