Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mummy's China

This Christmas, even though there were only a few people, I decided to use my little Mummy's china.  I have great memories of it being used for holiday and special dinners starting when I was really young and the settings were placed on a dark mahogany table.  The walls were forest green with white trim and white ceilings.  It was  a little dark, but really very pretty and of, course, Mum always had everything fixed up just so.  It looked like House Beautiful!!

The dinner plate, bread & butter, cup & saucer

I can remember I loved hiding under that table where there were two nice pedestals for me to perch on.  (I was really small then, I could fit!!)  The above pix show also a small Christmas tree.  I made that for Mum way back in the 70's when I did ceramics for a while.  That pink angel was also hers.  Although most all of my Christmas decor is put away, I left this little tree out and I still have red candle lights in the windows and  little red lights draped on the top of my hutch.  It seems to bring a nice warmth inside when it's brrrrrr-y cold outside.

Cake plate, small bowl, cup & saucer

Close up - it's so pretty and rather dainty.

I don't have the complete set because I guess some pieces got broken along the way.  I know it was used a lot.  In the 60's, the furniture changed to BLONDE mahogany, with PINK walls and white trim.  Along with a blonde dining set, the living room had blonde furniture with pink, too.  Plus my bedroom set was blonde.  I was never  really happy until I finally replaced my childhood bedroom set with the gorgeous old blonde bedroom set I have now.

A picture of a picture!  My little Mum 

I will go off on a little tangent here - the above pic of Mum was taken at the Olde Grist Mill in Seekonk, MA one Easter some years back.  There were several years that my mom and I would get all dressed up (yup, I always wore an Easter bonnet!!) and take outselves out for dinner.  We always sat in the above spot, which was the very last table (with two large wing back chairs) at the window end of the lounge.  She could look out the windows and see the comings and goings of other patrons and also watch the ducks and swans swim  around out on the pond.  We would take our time and have cocktails, then dinner, then dessert and coffee - all the while gabbing away as we always did.  She would certainly charm the waitresses, who would wait on her every whim!!  I wish I had been  better about taking pix, but unfortunately, I wasn't.

The gravy boat, sugar bowl and soup bowl.  The creamer, alas
is gone.

These pix show a covered bowl and a large bowl

It really made me quite happy to be using it after so many years.  In fact, I love using my retro things quite a lot!  I had bought a new set of glasses to go with the Corelle pink dinnerware I bought when I moved here.  I recently gave them away, because I enjoy using my different retro glasses so much more!!!  If I could find a sweet little retro set, as lightweight and easily stacked in the cupboard as the Corelle, I might think of using that instead.   But it's got to have pink and possibly some green in the pattern.  I've seen some really awesome sets, but most seem to be aqua or other colors.  Plus, as you know, no gold trim - can't go in the microwave!  And for every day for me, it MUST go in the microwave!!  LOL

Anyway, I thought I would add these two pics - just because....

Another pic of a pic - Mum & Dad waaaay back in the forties
before I was even a twinkle!!  The cake topper was theirs.

The darling little figures close up, although they are nicked up
a bit now from many moves through the years, plus they
are older than me!!!

I love the pic of my parents there, taken in the back yard, with my mum's little white scotty dog, "Tippy".  I remember my mother always kept the cake topper in her hutch and I would often tease her for it.  But, I could never play with it, it stayed right where it was.  Now I have it, and it stays right in my own hutch.

One last tidbit - a WIP of the dress I'm crocheting for my Blythe.  So funny, going from bulky yarn and a huge hook to crochet thread and teensy hooks.  Will dress Blythe for a pic when done!!

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  1. I loved the story of the dainty china. Everytime we do a post of our memories and treasured items from our's a new chapter in our personal histories. I really like writing mine this way. At the end of the year I print my blog pages and put them in a binder...that way I have a hard copy of my stories. Thank you so much for sharing yours.

  2. Sandie! This story took me to so many places. I love dishes so you had me at the first picture but then the cute pix of your folks...awww. You might want to look at for possible pieces to the china set...

  3. Sandie-
    The china is so pretty, and it was nice to hear about the special dinners that you shared with your Mum. Of course I LOVE that cake topper!
    Thank you so much for taking part in the SWAP. I hope you have a lot of fun with it!
    Erica :)

  4. LOVE that cake topper. What a wonderful heirloom to have as part of your home!

  5. Yes, we want you in the Heart Swap. I can't find an email to contact you. Please send me yours. Make sure to type in my email address instead of email address changes when you reply. You will only need to make 5 heats. I will send the details.
    I love the wedding topper. I keep asking my mom if I can have hers. It's all beat up but I still want it. Don't you love all those special treasures.


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