Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chinese New Year ...and snow!

This morning we awoke to a snow-covered scene.  Oh boy.  THAT means that we (all of the occupants in this complex) have to go out and play car jockey!  That is, we must go out and clean the snow off our cars, then jockey them around so the parking spaces can get plowed.  Yep-me with a still dead battery had to get a jump, then leave the car running and running and running until the snowplow came back.  In the meantime, it was raining so I got totally soaked, wet mittens, frozen feet, and anxious to get the car moved, then placed back into its spot so I could finally go inside for a hot cup of coffee!  Needless, to say, (but I will) it was horribly nasty out there!!!  

But, then I started to read a few blogs - Elizabeth's and Kim's  with their wonderful pix of Chinese New Year's and it brought back some nice memories.  So, I thought I would write them here and also post some pix I had taken several summers ago of a trail walk I went on taking pictures of the beautiful SUMMERY woods!!

I LOVE natural settings like this!

Back many moons ago when I lived in Northern California, there was a special little Chinese restaurant my friends I always went to.  The food was delicious and the Zombies ... oh - were specially made, and you could certainly turn into  a Zombie!!  The nicest couple ran this little restaurant together - Paul worked the bar and his wife, Sandy, was hostess and waited on tables.  We were such regulars, we never needed to look at the menu.  It would be "what do you feel like tonight?  Chicken or beef or ..."  and we would say what we wanted and you can be assured that the dishes coming out were dreamy and perfect!  Yum!  

Flowering trees

We always went to our favorite place for Christmas Eve and Chinese New Year.  At Christmas it was so fun  because Paul would dress up as Santa!!!!  And instead of saying "Ho ho ho", he would *giggle*!!  It was just the funniest thing!  You wouldn't expect Santa to giggle!  He was just so darned cute!!!

Meadow daisies

Anyway, they got pregnant and had THE most beautiful little baby boy ever!!  Benjamin.  He was so sweet.  Sandy sent to China for an authentic little suit for Benjamin to wear in celebration of The Chinese New Year.  With the little hat and embroidered suit, this little bouncing baby boy was absolutely t.h.e. most adorable wee fella!!!  I do so wish I had a picture of Benjamin in that suit to share with you.  Unfortunately lots of my pictures have gone missing after so many different moves.

Precious Lady Slipper


Benjamin looked like one of those illustrations  you see of little baby boys dressed in traditional Chinese outfits.  Just roly poly and sweet as can be!  Even though we have lost touch, I do think of this nice little family that was so enjoyable to visit.  (Although by now, Benjamin must be a grown man!!)  

I was thinking I would like to make Elizabeth's cute little Chinese New Year man for the coming holiday and in honor of that darling little boy.  I have time yet, because Chinese New Year is on February 10th.  

A weed in the meadow, but can you see the perfect heart???

Thanks to Elizabeth and Kim for their delightful stories and pictures and my little walk down memory lane.  Here it is after 5 pm and  I am stilled chilled!  A think a cup of hot cocoa is calling my name ...

Until next time, keep warm ...


  1. Don't you just love it when those old memories come back to you. Hope you warm up.

  2. What a cute story! We always get Chinese take out on Christmas Eve in honor of the movie "A Christmas Story". Fun times! Now we need to get Chinese take out to celebrate Chinese New Year! Yay! Keep warm and oh how I wish we had some of your snow. Here in the piedmont of North Carolina we have been in the 70s! but today our high was 55. boo hoo! Anyway, enjoy that steaming hot cup of cocoa, Holly

  3. How sweet that you still keep that special little family in your heart. It sounds like their little boy was darn cute!
    Erica :)

  4. Ah, the delights of winter! Winter is so long here in Idaho and I never look forward to it anymore!

    I was 40 before I discovered the joys of Chinese food! Where was I all that time??? I've more than made up for it by now though!

    Thanks for the summery pics! I can't wait to see what my little nature park looks like in the spring. ♥

  5. Sandy, This was such fun going down memory lane with you! I can just picture you in this restaurant. My daughter has always wanted to be a "Regular" at a restaurant. LOL! She got her wish at a Chinese restaurant. When they saw her coming, they would call out her order, "Steam broccoli". It's all she ever orders! Too cute! Have a lovely weekend, Sandy! Elizabeth


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