Saturday, January 26, 2013

Update: Valentine Kitty

Johnny Belle Depp:  AKA Johnny Valentine

After I opened everything from Holly, I had tissue papers and that pretty cellophane with hearts strewn on my bed.  Johnny loves paper!  She likes to make a little nest right in the middle of it all.  Which she did!  After I cleaned the papers away (so I could get into bed myself), she decided to try out the mailing box with cellophane still in it.  Doesn't she look cute?  She thinks she's a Valentine Kitty! LOL

A good fit

I just had to take a few photos of her while she was nestled in that box.  She was so relaxed and just looking around from her Valentine beddy.

You can kind of see her blue eyes


So there she is, my little kitty girl enjoying the Valentine box!  She says "Purrrr-thanks Holly!"

I added a little ribbon to the sweet Cutie Pie Cottage card Holly sent.  This way I can hang it on my wall, which I did.  It's hanging with the pretty card that Elizabeth had sent with Creative Breathing on it.  It gives me great pleasure to remember my bloggy friends!  I do have my garland hung across the window and I pinned a few of the vintage Valentines I received along it with teensy red clothespins. It is just too bright to take pictures of it.  I took a couple, but you couldn't see what it really looks like.  I will try again later on!

I also wanted to show just a little bit of some of the vintage jewelry I have.  I have a lot of my mummy's, a few pieces that were my grandmother's, and a few of mine.

Beads, bangles, bracelets

The green & black bracelet was my Grandmother's

Those colored beads are millefiori glass beads my MIL got
for me when she went to Italy many moons ago. 

Some pieces that were in mummy's jewelry box

Necklace from Holly is added to these lovelies

Those colored seed beads were mine

The softly colored seed (real) beads were mine in high school!!  It's a very long strand, usually doubled and still long.  Sometimes a knot was tied in it.  I wore those beads constantly.  I had a favorite pair of majenta flair leg jeans (the type with NO pockets or loops or stitching or belt) that fit tightly and  zipped up the back. They looked good (back when I was a thin young thing!) and I felt good wearing them.  I wore a pink poor boy top with them and those swinging beads!  Ooh Mama - I was ready for anything!  Ha Ha  I think I wore those britches out.  The beads I was always careful with, I guess that's why I still have them.  For the longest time I had a cute real mini acorn necklace that my friend and I had strung back during school days in the 60's.  I really don't know what happened to that, though.  In high school I liked to wear weird stuff.  I always loved earrings then.  That was my thing.  The weirder, the better!  I wore my dad's dogtags for earrings.  I still have them hanging on the corner of my mirror.  I made earrings out of the wire that I pulled out of some of my brush rollers and made earrings out of that, too!!  I had some kind of geological rocks that I wore.  To this day, I have been known to wear two different earrings for fun.  I think that's why I loved jewelry-making when I got into it not all that long ago.  I just am not really in that mode now.  But I do like to combine beads and jewelry findings into some of the crafts I  currently make.

You all know by now how much I l.o.v.e. craft supplies.  Some time I will do a post on gadgets!!!  But that's another day!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Oh she's as cute as can be in that box!

    How sweet that you hung my card! I meant to trace my signature on the card in ink but was afraid I'd mess it up! ♥

    1. Holly-too late-it's up and there it shall stay!! :)

  2. Drooling over your jewelry collection! And Johnny is too cute! We don't have any cats now, but when we did they loved to get inside any box or basket they could find! So sweet.
    Erica :)

    1. Erica, she does like boxes, but she loves paper, magazines, anything to lay on!!

  3. Funny cat! My cat loves Christmas morning with all the wrapping paper on the floor.
    Chris =]

    1. She loves all that, too! My other crazy girl likes to chew on plastic bags!

  4. Hi Sandi. For some reason I dont have your address. I am getting packages ready and I can't find it. It may be here but don't want to take a chance Can you please send it to me a.s.a.p. Be safe and send it to my blog. I will erase it as soon as I see it. Thanks dearie.

  5. OMG, Valentine Kitty is just the sweetest! :) Pam

  6. OMG, Holly is such a cutie!!! ♥ I just LOVE your pictures of her! ♡♡♡

  7. I hear you I sorta feel like a kid again with these Vintage Toys from our past! I sure love your collection of Vintage Bling... And your kitty looks so sweet in that package. Hugs Diane

    1. Thank you Diane! I'm so happy I'm not alone! Not everyone feels the same! You have a darling craft room, too!!!!

  8. She is the prettiest valentine kitty, ever!! :-) Loved taking a peek at the vintage jewelry. I used to go into my Moms room and dress up in her costume jewelry... Made me feel like a big girl, even if I was only 9 or 10.

  9. speaking of earrings,my dad gave my sister and i some pink bead earrings back in the '70s. we wore them to school, when he saw that he laughed and laughed. they were wapiti beads, aka elk poop! very stylish.

  10. Such beautiful ( and no doubt treasured) jewelry! And Johnny is just stunning. My Pip does the same thing. She's my "box buddy". If I bring one off of the porch, she trots along behind me just waiting to get engrossed in it's contents. Paper mostly. The paper. :)


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