Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine Twig Posies

Fresh cut twigs

You must be asking yourself - "a bunch of twigs on a paper?  Huh?"  I must confess that I LOVE sticks!  And all things "sticky"!!  Bunches of sticks or twigs in a vase; the trees in winter without their leaves, twig baskets...  I saw a pic online (I am sorry, I cannot remember where I saw it, but it showed how to make pretty twig flowers with heart-shaped petals.)

See the little buds on the tips?

The other day when it wasn't TOO cold, I tramped out to the "woods" at the back of the complex to cut some small branches.  One mistake, I forgot my gloves!  I cut what I thought looked good, treading carefully in the snow (in short boots) and when my fingers were frozen I decided I had enough!  Tucked them all under my arm and hurried back into warmth. 

The twigs I wanted on the right, discards on left.

As I went through the bunch, I found the straightest ones really would work the best.  A slight curve is okay, but I think straight sticks will look nicer.

Heart petals, leaves and glue.

I cut out the felt heart shapes in three different colors and cut two leaves for each flower.  Then I just began gluing the petals around the tip using Tacky glue.  I did have to hold them a bit for the glue to hold.  Yeah, I got gluey fingers! 

Finished posies

Some are more open, and some look more like flowers buds just starting to open.  I know this vase isn't the best, but my vase supply is a bit lame right now.  

I might mention, I left them long but they can be cut to any size you like.

I didn't happen to have any green floral tape to use at the bottom of each flower.  So I just cut little strips of the green felt and wound them around just to finish the bottoms of the flowers.  

I did add a bit of glitter in the centers of some of the open flowers.  I didn't photograph it, though.  It looks okay, but now I think I like them without it.  It's really a simple project that can be worked up quickly.  Or pretty quick.  Depends on how many you want to make!  Please pardon my picture-taking skills.  (me with a hand-me-down camera and low camera skills = crummy photos!)

Have a pleasant Sunday!  

POST SCRIPT~  Adding the following pix 

Two "buds" in a vase


  1. Oh I saw a variation of this somewhere, too! Cute! I love to break dry little sticks into little pieces. I love the snapping sound!

    I finished your swap! But I don't guess I'll be mailing it today since it's a holiday! ♥

  2. This is such a cute idea! Adds warm color to a cold January day. Stay warm and have a great night, Holly

  3. This is such a cute idea! Adds warm color to a cold January day. Stay warm and have a great night, Holly

  4. Hello and thank you for calling in
    This is a lovely idea and gives you flowers all year round!
    Best wishes


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