Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Valentine Swaps!!!

I think after the Christmas holiday, Valentine's Day is my next favorite!  (Although, I DO like Halloween, too), I just love hearts and flowers and romance and all things prettily fluffly!!  THIS year, I am going to do several Valentine Swaps!!!  OOOH!  Super excited!!! 

Valentine doll from early 80's.

The first swap is with Erica at Golden Egg Vintage.  It's for a Valentine Candy Box Swap.  One-to-one.  I have made a sketch of what I want to do, I just have to get the VALENTINE CANDY BOX to do it on!  Oh yeah, and make all of the decor to go on it also!!  Heh heh  

Little Ava from Cherished Teddies.  To me, she looks like
a little Valentine getting ready for her sweetie!!!

The second swap is with Elizabeth of  Creative Breathing.  This swap is also a one-to-one and calls for a pretty Valentine ornament. I already have my idea for this one too.  Just have to get busy and start the process of making the little darling!!

Another little vintage Cherished Teddy with Love blocks

The third swap I'm doing is with Debby of Cozy Blanket.  This is a "heart" swap.  The hearts (5) can be made out of any material, as long as they are long-lasting.  Maybe something the recipient could use to make a banner with or to use as ornies on a Valentine Tree.  I have yet to do my little sketch for how they will look, but knowing me, they will be plenty fou-fou!!!!  LOL!  

A vintage pin given to me when I was a kid on the left.  The one
on the right was made a number of years ago by my daughter, Greta.

I always love to craft expecially when it means making something to give away!   Throughout my life I always made things to give away, usually as gifties.  Usually to my mother and then later, also to my mother-in-law.  I always made them little goodies for every holiday where gifties were appropriate.  Lots of times I would try new crafts to make something to be given away.  Little baskets with dyed breaddough flowers floral-taped on stems with tiny velvet leaves and baby's breath ... Little wax flower arrangements I made using paper petals dipped in wax and formed into little star flowers ... little stacks of chipboard boxes, each decorated differently ... embroidered sachets trimmed with lace ... all kinds of little treats I thought they might enjoy. I didn't make any extras to keep for myself, alas.  I would like to see some of those things now!!!

I kept this little guy out because he looks sort of "Valentine-ish".
He just needs a little red heart in his hand instead of a
candy cane.  OK, will fix that!!!

I remember lots of years ago when I used to make things, I had to use what I found around the house.  There were no Michael's, no Jo-Anne's, no Hobby Lobby... at least not where I lived.  Maybe Woolworth's or a Ben Franklin (I think!).  When I first discovered an honest-to-goodness craft shop, I was in heaven!!  Now I could wander around and pick things to do and find the supplies handy.  These days, I can make a trip to Jo-Anne's last 5 - 7 hours!!!  Insane, I realize, but I just can't help it!  I don't go that often, but when I do, I usually go alone, and shop til I drop.  Well, almost.  I DO have to get the craft goods home!!  There is just so MUCH to see and check out.  I have to see everything and more, sometimes twice!!!  I usually end up coming out of the store after dark.  But well satisfied.  I've been able to scratch that awful gotta-buy-craft-supplies itch!!!! 

I promise to take pix of everything I make and share them -after I've mailed each package off!!  I just HAVE to get better about that darned camera!!!!

Until next time ~


  1. I forgot all about Ben Franklin! There was a very large one in Washington state. It even had a little day care center for moms to put the kiddos in while they shopped!

    I've always enjoyed crafting but it wasn't until I started blogging that I crafted consistently! I guess I needed some "sisters" to craft with!

    I have all kind of idea swirly in my head for our swap! ♥

  2. Cute! Ah, I envy the crafty (you! LOL), but am trying it myself in Erica's swap. Used to love Ben Franklin's too!

  3. I totally can wander around JoAnn's, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby for hours on end! It's so fun to walk around and around, and each pass around the store I seem to see all kinds of things I missed the first time! Its inspiring and relaxing and it soothes my soul. Can't wait to see your pix!


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