Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love Bug

Look what flew in today - well ... actually, arrived wrapped in tissue paper, in a box wrapped in brown paper.  Is he not the cutest little LOVE BUG you've ever seen???!!

Sweet Lil Love Bug

He is just so cute, I can't stand  it!!!  I have to take him with me from room to room so I can see him!  Now you must be asking yourself, WHO made this darling little fella?  I'll bet some of you can already guess!!

Sweet Valentine

Why, none other than sweetness herself, Elizabeth of Creative Breathing!!!!  He is made of Paperclay, which is something I haven't tried yet, although I did buy a pack of last month.  

Close up - look at that sweetly shy expression!

He is on his own little stand made with vintage Valentines.  Look at the detail in this little guy!  Teensy -weensy little gingham bows, holding a vintage cake pick and a Valentine.  I just love E's imagination.  So much personality rolled up in this little guy I just can't stop smiling!  And along with Mr. Love Bug, she sent several darling vintage Valentines.  

Aren't they cute?

These are the real thing.  The smell of the vintage paper is just awesome!!!  I know, it's silly, but I smell everything!!  I cannot cut these little pretties up.  I don't really have any vintage Valentines.  I do think I might have ONE, that my mum stuck in her cookbook, of all places.  But I will keep my eyes open for them because they can be used in so many ways.  And they are so precious!!!  

I have finished my Hearts for the Heart Swap.  Now I want to package them up pretty before I send them on to Debby.  I also finished my ornie for Elizabeth's swap and that needs to get packaged up, too.  I feel like a little kid getting all ready for the Valentine exchange at school.  In my time, it was a big deal.  We would decorate little brown paper bags that we would hang up around the classroom.  At the appointed time, we would deliver our Valentines into each little bag.  After the deliveries, we would then check out our own bags to see what was tucked inside.  It was fun!  I don't think I ever outgrew that feeling of excitement when receiving something special in the mail!!!!

Have you been bitten by the Love Bug?

Thank you Elizabeth!!  I love this cutie and shall always enjoy him!!!!

Until next time ...


  1. How adorable! You are so lucky! Elizabeth is so sweet. I have to package my hearts too and then off to Debby! Just about finished my ornament. Like you, I remember Valentine's Day in school like it was yesterday. A local bakery always donated the white paper bags for the Valentine Exchange. Thank you for a wonderful trip down memory lane, Holly

  2. I can't wait to see your packages for the swap. E has such special talent, doesn't she. That little love bug is adorable. Her faces are adorable. I remember the Valentines Day parties. We made boxes at home and took them to school. And I remember those cookies. Now all the valentines have some kind of candy on them. The kids still get excited. As soon as they get home they dump them on the flor like we used to. They will remember those days like we do.

  3. Sandy, I love your gingham borders! I can't wait to send you your ornament as I have included Valentines as well. Such a kind post. I am blessed by your words! Elizabeth

  4. I think we should all nickname Elizabeth, "Love Bug", because she sure is one! Super nice post!

  5. he is adorable, just like his creator! E is a very generous person. I am very lucky to have quite a few of her creations too!
    Ok.... gotta go get ready for work.. but also want to thank you for the sweet comments that you always leave on my blog!!
    thank you !

  6. Aw, he's such a cute love bug!

    I think these Valentine swaps are such a great idea for us girls because most guys just aren't into it!

    I scan my vintage cards and print them out for use- then you don't have to cut into the original. ♥

    1. Yes, this has been fun for me, too! I haven't tried scanning much - but I will attempt it!! Thanks for the tip! XO


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