Monday, January 7, 2013

Crocheting Mode

Unwrapping my blog page with a few changes.  I thought it high time to get on with the next holiday!  LOL I also thought I would show some of the items I had worked on whilest in my "crocheting mode".  

The pieces of the Monster Tissue Box ready to be put together.

The finished Monster.  According to my daughter, it was a huge hit!!!

A 5-pc set I had made for my daughter:
Cell case, Ipod, Sunglass, Wallet & Business Card Case.

The open wallet.  All items original patterns.

A small clutch bag I made for Greta.

This is a bag I made for myself that I use frequently when I
"go out".

The inside of the bag.  It's a vintage Vera Bradley napkin that
I refused to cut!!!!

Another original styled small tote.

Another style in ecru

A larger bag in pink.

Purple and turquoise with a hand beaded flower.
Flower was made using a retro loom!

Close up of the flower

Interior lining to match.

Small envelope style in yellow and green
with yo-yo flowers/vintage buttons.

Cute lining.

Fan-shaped bag with another beaded flower.

Matching lining

A small pink and black bag - teensy crocheted butterflies.

Huge tote in black and white I made for Cathy.

Pink booties made for a new Grandmother.

MY FAVORITE SCISSORS - so little and wonderful for tiny cutting.

The NEW pink ones will be just for felt/fabrics.  The turquoise
will be for threads/paper.
LOVE these - 4.99 at Target!!!!!

So I think I will continue in my crocheting mode - I GUESS!!!  I made Greta 4 cowls, all different colors; a scarf for my friend Cathy,  a hat and neckwarmer for my friend Tom, but alas, I don't have pix.  They really look best when seen on an actual person!!!!  I just can't decide what I want to work on next.  I have a bunch of embroideries I could get busy on, or continue with crocheting and do something different ... or go back to my "felt" mode, or play with dolls and doll clothes, or play with Valentines.  

What kinds of things are you all working on at this moment??????

~Until next time,



  1. And the GOLD medal goes to Sandie! Holy moley, that's a crocheted miracle! I would like to say I had done that many crafts in the last month but sadly, I'm a bit behind...or way behind. Nicest gifts ever!

    1. Thanks, Tammy! I WAS busy! But I love making things to give as gifts. I always have ever since I was little! Although some of the things I made when I was small make me laugh now!!!

  2. WOW you are awesome. I love everything and applaud your work.

  3. You've been busy!!! That tissue box cover is genius!

    1. Thanks, Mr. T! It wasn't fun to make, but after it was done, and my daughter and her friend-it-was-for loved it, I was happy to have done it!

  4. Sandy, You have been one busy crocheteer! Every single project is beautifully made. I see you have gotten the hang of your blog. It's side panels are fabulous! PS I still have your paper clay Love Bug to send to you, most likely closer to February. I'm over this month's budget already! Thank you for all you share! Elizabeth

    1. Oh, thank you E!!!! The Love Bug will be a happy surprise WHENEVER you send it!!!
      Yes, I had fun yesterday working on my blog page! I'm getting the hang of it more and more, although sometimes in between changes, I forget what goes where! LOL But it's so much fun fixing it up! Hugs!!!!

  5. Hi, Sandie! Great job! I'd love to crochet but I know it would hurt my wrists. I used to cross stitch but that really did a number on my wrists which have an odd bone structure. I have to stick to crafts that don't have repetitive movements.

    When I first started up my girly blog, I had falling hearts, too. Back then my blog was named Girls at Heart. :)

    I'm so glad we're partners! I think I have some left over candy boxes from last year.

    Your comments don't leave an email trail so I don't have your email to get your mailing address, etc. If you can respond to my comment here through *your* email, then I'll have our address. Did that make sense?? ♥

  6. Hey Sandie,
    Oh wow!! I love what you have done to your blog-it just oozes cutie pieness! No problem about the comment-lol. I like to crochet but am not near as good as you are. These gift are wonderful. You are so talented! I want to upload a pattern that I crocheted about 6 yrs ago and have contacted the company to see if it is ok to do that. Even if the pattern is copyrighted & I can't upload it, I will post just the pictures of the finished snowmen and give the pattern number. These two snowmen were what made me want to learn to crochet. They are so adorable, even with the millions of mistakes single crocheted into them.
    As for the Hankie Dolls, I do have a tutorial uploaded. The link on the sidebar doesn't work. I have has so much trouble with blogger since the first of January. I can't even direct load pictures from my camera, I have to upload to Picasa first. Oh well, hopefully they get it fixed soon. The Hankie tutorial is on the January 2, 2013 post. It is called "Have A Hankie!". Let me know if you make one or have any questions about construction. Have a wonderful day, Holly ps. I am working on Valentine stuff right now.


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