Monday, January 21, 2013

My Chinese Boy and X-Rated Fortune Cookies

I finally finished my little Chinese Boy using Elizabeth's pattern.  I chose not to make a New Year garland for him, though, because I really want him to represent Benjamin (explained in a previous post).  I also want to display him with my other dolls, so I will think of something else appropriate for all seasons.  

I tilted his head a bit because I wanted him to look young.  With his hands and arms open like he has, it sort of reminds me of a little baby when he wants to come to you!!  Actually I was thinking of trying to make little fortune cookies for him to hold.  Then it reminded me of the infamous X-rated fortune cookies from that same little Chinese restaurant in Citrus Heights, California.

One time when dining there, after eating and the clear-away, we received fortune cookies as we usually did.  I remember opening mine, and reading "I hope you have good luck".  Although, when I read my fortune again ... I realized it DID NOT say Luck!!!  Uhh - you get the idea. We soon found out that all in our small party had received something similar and started laughing.  Yep - X-rated fortune cookies!!!  Something we had never before seen in New England!!  I will tell you that these cookies were ONLY given to special customers.  Paul, the owner, knew we would laugh and think them funny but he would never offend any customers who might not think  the same.  I wonder if anyone else has ever seen anything like these?  Anyway, IF I make little fortune cookies for his garland - the little fortunes will be very bland indeed!!

We are expecting snow starting this afternoon and supposedly continuing until tomorrow morning.  I don't know exactly how much is expected.  I hope it's not very much!  Cape Cod and the Islands are supposed to get more than we do.  I really don't look forward to getting much snow.  Yah, it's pretty to look at, but I dislike having to deal with it!!  I'm already starting to stress thinking about the plowing of the parking lot and the whole car thing.  I think I need to go craft something or play with dolls!  I wish I had a little doll house to play with and rearrange.  I probably sound like a kid, I know.  But one of my fond sayings is, "You never outgrow your need for toys!!" 

Everyone please stay well - I think the flu is waning in strength.  Stay warm and toasty for those of you in cold climes, or stay cool for those of you in warm climes.  

Oh, it's 4 pm and I haven't seen one little flake just yet ...



  1. Oh yes, he does look like he wants to be picked up! :)

    Well, Ha! We've never received X rated fortunes but my boys make them PG by tacking this saying onto the end of each one: "While sitting on the toilet." It makes all fortunes very hilarious and we have a hard time behaving as we read them at the restaurant! ♥

  2. I think the garland of fortune cookies would be so cute! There are so many things you can have him about a chinese kite? =D

  3. Sandy, What a joy you are! Your stories are all so wonderful. This one gives me a laugh! Imagine getting one by accident!
    Your little New year's greeter is wonderful. You did such a good job on him. Most of my characters have their heads tilted to make them appear shy. I think your little fella appears mischievous! could be those fortunes he's planning to write!
    Don't forget to contact Patti, Paint'n Patti about her swap.
    Stay warm! Elizabeth


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